• How to make a heart out of paper?

    Julia Agafonova
    Julia Agafonova
    September 23, 2014
    How to make a heart out of paper?

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    How to make a heart out of paper?

    Hearts made of paper or other material are very often a manifestation of attention, even a declaration of love. What ways you can make a symbol of love from paper will help to understand our instructions.

    Woven heart of two colors paper

    For work, take 2 shades of paper, scissors, simple pencil, ruler, compasses, stationery glue.

    Now you can proceed to making the heart step by step:

    1. Initially, you need to prepare two halves of the heart of different shades. To do this, you need two pieces of rectangular paper, where the larger side will be ½ more smaller.
    2. Then using a compass, draw a semicircle on one side of the rectangle (on the short side of the shape), where the side length will beA heartsimultaneously with the diameter of a semicircle.
    3. Cut the semicircle along the marked lines. The rounded sides are both the tops of the heart.
    4. Now draw a square, measuring from the opposite side of the cut semicircle.Each side of the square is equal to the smaller side of the original rectangle.
    5. Next, divide the resulting square into 5 identical strips by drawing in pencil. Snip on drawn.
    6. Repeat steps 2-5 with the second rectangle.
    7. Now combine both figures into one, intertwining strips of different shades. Fasten the edges of the strips with glue.

    Here is a wicker heart and ready. Now try to make another heart.

    Origami volumetric heart

    1. Take a sheet of rectangular paper of such a size that when folded in half it turns out two squares.
    2. Each of the visual squares is folded twice diagonally to make the letters “X” fold.A heart
    3. Next, fold both squares inwards, so that two adjacent triangles come out.
    4. Now find the center of the triangles.
    5. Bend each part of both triangles to their vertices. Open the valves that turned out. There will be 4 of them, and they will look like 4 small squares.
    6. Bend one of the resulting corners in the opposite direction.
    7. Turn the figure over and fold the two adjacent corners.
    8. Now open the valves in place of the smallest squares that are on the front side. Valves should have 8 pieces.

    So it turns out another original heart as a gift.

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