• How to make a hospital?

    Galina Devyatkina
    Galina Devyatkina
    September 23, 2014
    How to make a hospital?

    A sick person is a bad worker. The labor code provides an opportunity to be treated without going to work. But this very opportunity must also be obtained. Doctors can recognize a person as workable, which does not give the right to receive a sick-list. It is not necessary to expect that the employer will “take pity”, and let him go home for treatment.

    It seems that it is enough to come to the doctor and everything, the sick-list is in your pocket. It's not so easy. The doctor may refuse to write the conclusion that you are fully able to work. Such a decision can be challenged, there is no need for embarrassment, because you have every right to defend your legal rights.

    How to make a sick-list

    1. You must contact the hospital or a private specialist who has the appropriate permission to issue sick leave. The usual license for medical activities does not give such a right.
    2. The law stipulates cases when a doctor cannot refuse to receive a sick-list.
    3. The attending physician can provide a sick leave for a period of 10 to 30 days, depending on the disease and how the treatment is progressing.

    Who does not issue sick leave

    1. Ambulance workers
    2. Prevention centers
    3. Emergency room
    4. Medical examiners
    5. Consumer Protection Companies

    Where to make a sick-list without a disease

    A sick-list may be necessary if you are not even sick. With it, you can close absenteeism at work, in order to avoid punishment by the authorities. But how to get sick in this case? There are clinics and other companies online that offer to buy a sick-list. You can also purchase a sick list with hindsight, which will help to close absenteeism already committed. Documents are formalized in compliance with the law and have all the necessary stamps and signatures.

    Buying a sick-list has become very relevant lately, because this is the easiest way to get a little “vacation” without giving reasons to the employer. Unlawful purchase of sick leave may lead to criminal prosecution. Check with a specialist before purchasing a hospital.

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