• How to make a house of Lego?

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    How to make a house of Lego?

    For many years, Lego designers have been among the most beloved and interesting designers for children of all ages. And the reason for this was primarily a large variety and many topics that can please even the most demanding baby. One of the most favorite stories among children is building a house. Let's look at how to make a house of lego and help your little builder to master this skill.

    History and features of Lego

    The first Lego designers appeared in 1932 and at that time they were wooden. In the early 60s, the first thematic series was released, and in 1968 - the first designer of the house. Since then, the manufacturing technology of Lego has not changed much.

    The main feature of the designers of Lego is their seriality. And for each set of their own little story is invented with characters and tasks. Each serial set is inherent in individual parts for the construction of buildings.

    How to build a house of Lego

    So, you purchased a Lego with a house in the set and do not know where to start building it. We will understand in order. First of all, check if all declared parts are present in the kit. It is extremely rare, but still come across defective kits that lack some details. Then prepare a special place for the house. Work may take several hours or even days, which means your design should not disturb others. If you have pets, limit their access to the place of construction of the house.

    Before construction, consider the size of the house: a large apartment city house or a small private one, and so on. Actually a house in any of the sets of Lego is built on the same model.

    1. First you need to build a platform of various blocks. It will be located on your house.
    2. Then think about how the doors and windows will be located in your house, and start building them on the basis of your idea. In some sets, windows and doors are not stand-alone elements, and therefore you will have to practice before assembling them.
    3. Spread cubes to build a roof.Some kits have special parts for the roof. If your kit is one of these, use these parts.

    After the house is ready, do not forget to decorate it with special details. Such as plants, little people, parking for the car, playground, in a word, everything that you will find in your set.

    To better present, or rather see how to build a house from Lego, try to watch the special videos on this page.

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