• How to make a laser sword?

    Lidia Karayants
    Lidia Karayants
    January 25, 2013
    How to make a laser sword?

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    How to make a laser sword?

    Thanks to the talent of J. Lucas and the Star Wars film, the whole world now knows about glowing laser swords. And although the era of real laser weapons has not yet arrived, there are still enthusiastic masters who know how to make laser swords with their own hands. So, if you want to make an original gift to a science fiction fan, a Jedi style sword will be a great solution.

    Polycarbonate Sword

    In order to create a homemade Jedi sword at home you will need:

    • polycarbonate tube, preferably matt
    • some plastic film
    • Light-emitting diode
    • insulating tape
    • nickel-plated furniture leg for the sword handle.

    First, measure and cut the required length of the polycarbonate tube, which is approximately 80 centimeters. If the tube is not matte, you will need polyethylene of the same length and 32 centimeters wide. Cut also a circle for the top of the sword.Now sawn diagonally the handle of the sword from the nickel-plated leg, for this you can use the grinder. Drill a hole for the switch in the handle and process it with a small file. Take a color diode with a capacity of at least 3 watts, insert it into the holder for three batteries, also use a 3 Ohm resistor. Put it all in the pen. Now fix the polycarbonate tube in the sword handle, before that wrap it with tape. Insert the polyethylene into the tube and seal it with a cap on top. After decorating the hilt, your laser sword is ready for use.

    Cold neon sword

    And although today there are companies that make swords, yet a thing made by one’s own hand brings more pleasure. The fantasy of star wars lovers does not dry up, they are constantly coming up with new ways to get closer to the heroes of the world famous saga, so that you can easily find many instructions and videos on how to make a laser sword at home. For example, you can make a sword and cold neon - this is an electroluminescent cord that gives a bright, evenly distributed glow. In addition to neon, you will need an inverter that runs on batteries.Attach the neon to the steel thin wire, connect the wire to the inverter and attach everything to the handle, which can be used as a flashlight.

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