• How to make a lawn

    Prepare a plot of land on which you are going to breaklawn. Clean it from debris, level the ground. Enrich the soil with a layer of organic material with a thickness of five to seven centimeters (for example, compost or crushed bark). Loosen the earth to mix it with fertilizer. It is advisable to tamp the soil roller, but not necessarily. In time, she will settle on her own. Align the area with a rake.
    Choose a grass variety. It may be a mixture of seeds of meadow grasses, sprouted seeds or sod. The grass also happens cold and warm seasons - depends on it, when it is necessary to sow it. Cold - autumn or early spring, warm - the end of spring or the beginning of summer. Consult with the seller in the store, what kind is better to take, and specify the rules for caring for him.
    Think over the irrigation system. For the cultivation of the beautifullawnand with healthy grass it needs to be watered regularly. Therefore, it is necessary to decide in advance where the sprinklers or water sprayers will be located, as well as irrigation pipes on the site.
    Sow seeds, plant sprouts or spread sod on a plot. Seed out need to transverse stripes along the site. After this process is over, fill the seeds with a thin layer of earth. The rolled grass should be laid out no more than three days after the cut. Before purchasing it, carefully calculate the required number of rolls.
    Do not forget to waterlawn. The first two weeks of concern for the future.lawne should be the maximum. It must be protected, because up to a length of four centimeters the grass can die from walking on it. Watering should be done twice a day - drying out the soil will also lead to the death of the grass.

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