• How to make a newspaper

    Many of us remember those glorious times when every schoolboy was looking forward to the latest issue of the wall newspaper. Some of our classmates even worked in this school organization, trying on the role of a journalist, photographer, or editor. Today's students are not lagging behind, and with the development of computer technology, school newspapers are becoming more colorful and interesting. How to make a newspaper to make it informative and fascinating? Let's figure it out.

    Stages of creating a school newspaper

    Answering the question about how to make a newspaper with your own hands, we note that it is necessary to plan everything in advance. Here are some things to think about:

    • The most important thing is the material. What topics will be reflected in your newspaper?
    • Structure. Every newspaper needs a clear and understandable structure. How to properly arrange all the information material?
    • Decor. Any newspaper must be correctly compiled and framed.

    Let's talk about each stage separately.

    Selection of material

    A large number of events occur at school, which can be divided into several groups from the point of view of possible interest to them.The newspaper should include reports on the most significant events in order to generate genuine interest among the reader. However, such events do not occur every day. Therefore, the editorial team has to be content with ordinary cases, such as changing the schedule or a new embossed window in the gym. That is why you need to be able to distinguish an interesting event from an uninteresting one.

    In this case, you should understand your target audience, that is, those who will read the newspaper. Your target audience is students, including your classmates. Therefore, collect material mainly about what may excite the ordinary student.

    A few words about the method of collecting information. The most successful method is an interview and photo essay. A good bonus will be the comments of experts (teachers and school staff).

    Structuring material

    Obviously, the newspaper should "catch" the reader from the first to the last page. But, unfortunately, this is very difficult to achieve. Remember that conditionally interesting and not "pass-through" news should be mixed together. For example, with five pages in a newspaper, interesting stories should take the first, third and fifth pages.

    In general, you can adhere to the following structure:

    • title page (the name of the newspaper, colorful images and announcements of the main news);
    • the first page (the content of your newspaper, the main news);
    • second page (report or interview);
    • third (news + entertainment material, crossword, for example);
    • fourth (analytical article on a general topic);
    • fifth page (description of future school events, sporting achievements).

    Newspaper design

    We offer you a few simple and basic rules for registration:

    • Use high-quality and well-made photos;
    • Place the material (text and images) on the page evenly. Do not sculpt everything in one place, but do not leave large empty spaces;
    • Remember that the most important news is located in the upper left corner of the page;
    • Use a clear font and well-matched colors (if the newspaper is printed in color).

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