• How to make a paper gift mom?

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    How to make a paper gift mom?

    Hand-made gifts are always very nice! And there is nothing better than to bring joy to the closest and dear person. Below are several ways to make an article for mom out of paper.

    How to make paper a flock of butterflies

    Beautiful panel with colorful butterflies is an original gift for mom. In order to make it necessary:

    • Color and white paper
    • Glossy magazine paper
    • Thick cardboard
    • A simple image of butterflies of different sizes.
    • Pencil
    • Glue
    • Scissors
    • Frame

    Cutting butterflies

    1. To get started, print images of butterflies on a regular sheet. Best of all, if they are simple and of different sizes.
    2. Glue the sheet with pictures on a thick cardboard and cut along the contour. It turned out templates-blank butterflies.
    3. Using a simple pencil, circle the cardboard blanks, transferring the images to colored paper and pages from a magazine.butterflies
    4. Cut the butterflies.

    We decorate the panel

    1. Take a blank sheet of paper and lay out the cut butterflies on it.butterflies
    2. Bend each butterfly in half so that the bend is wide enough.
    3. Secure each butterfly in the selected location. Glue should be applied only on the fold line, then the wings of the butterfly will be free, and the picture will turn out to be voluminous.
    4. Let the work dry. If desired, draw some pattern around the butterflies. Insert the finished work into the frame. A gift for mom out of paper is ready!

    How to make a bouquet of flowers from paper

    Paper-made flowers are a simple and cute gift for mom. For the manufacture of crafts will need:

    • Colored paperFlowers
    • Simple pencil
    • Glue
    • Scissors
    • Beads, glitter for decoration

    Making flowers

    1. First, take a paper of several colors and lay it in the order in which you will have the petals. For example, yellow below, red in the middle and orange above.
    2. Draw a large four-leaf flower on yellow paper. Cut it out.
    3. Using a simple pencil, circle it several times on a yellow sheet. Cut along the contour. You will get several identical yellow blanks.
    4. On red paper, draw the same flower, but only smaller. Cut and repeat the copy procedure.Flowers
    5. From the orange paper make the smallest flower blanks.
    6. Arrange the flowers so that the largest is at the bottom and the smallest is at the top. Rotate the blanks slightly so that the petals do not lie on top of each other and glue them together.

    Making a stem and decorating flowers

    1. Take the green paper and cut the square. The size of the side of the square is the length of the stem.
    2. Twist the square into a straw and seal the edge.
    3. Cut a few sheets of green paper and stick them on the straw. Stem with leaves ready!
    4. Attach the stem to the flowers and glue.
    5. In the middle of the flowers we glue a bead, cover the petals with sparkles.
    6. Slightly bend the flower itself and its petals, making it more alive.

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