• How to make a paper spider?

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    How to make a paper spider?

    Origami is the ancient Japanese art of creating paper figurines. Literally translated from the Japanese "origami" - "folded paper." For many centuries, the Japanese have perfected this art, while it has been available for a long time only to representatives of the upper classes. Fortunately, today, every child and an adult can make cute paper crafts using the origami technique. Today we will learn how to make a paper spider. Let's say right away that the paper spider is a very complicated hack and will take you a lot of strength and patience. However, the result will justify all your efforts if you follow the technique of making this figure clearly, referring to the drawings. To simplify the task, we divide the process itself into 4 parts.

    1. Take a square sheet of paper and mark the lines diagonally in order to get the form of "pancake". After that, you need to fold the paper along the marked lines and bend to the left edge in the form of a triangle. Then lift up the bottom edges and pull out a layer of paper.We bend the edge inward, bend it and then bend the resulting shape upward, and then down. Do the same with the rest of the paper. At the received rhombus we bend both corners (both right, and left), and then we unbend and we fold inside. Then the same thing needs to be repeated with the rear part and, turning it over, with all the rest.
    2. Now you need to bend the paper from front to inside and repeat the same from the back. After that, we again fold and fold the edge of the paper, bend to the right and make the so-called "rabbit ear", that is, we press down 2 adjacent edges of the paper at the point of convergence to give them a new shape. Now we bend to the right and again do the "rabbit ear". Scroll through and do the same thing again. Now we fold the truncated part from the two sides to the right, bend it from two sides, then we fold it to the left and again we fold it to the right, after which we turn over.
    3. We fold on 2 sides and fold down the edge, then fold the edges with a “swallow” and repeat the fold down and the “swallow”. Now, behind and in front, we bend the tail of the swallow up, and then we bend to the right and do the same from behind. The resulting legs push apart and alternately bend up.Then we pull out the layer from the inside from 2 sides and bend it up, now we bend it again, after which we need to bend the edge down.
    4. We turn over the resulting spider and do in the middle of the already familiar to us "rabbit ear". Repeat the same action with all the legs. Then you need to measure a quarter and two times to bend the paper. Finally, we take out the layers and inflate origami so that the figure will take shape. And the final touch - bend the legs and mouth of the spider. So he is ready - you can be proud of their work. Now you know how to make a paper spider. Such a spider will be an excellent gift for those kids who love insects, and making origami figures for children and adults will bring a lot of positive emotions. In addition, origami is a great way to develop children's skills.

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