• How to make a postcard from paper?

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    How to make a postcard from paper?

    Today you can buy a greeting card in almost any supermarket. There are a huge number of them. Distinguish postcards on topics, production materials, prices. But you can not buy a card, and do it yourself. Especially since handmade paper cards are highly valued today.

    Materials for making cards

    The material used to make a paper card can be not only white and colored paper, but also cardboard, you can use newspapers, magazine clippings and books — everything that’s on paper. Beads, ribbons, lace, sequins and paints are suitable for decoration. There are several options for how to make a postcard from paper.

    Homemade Valentine

    A great Valentine's Day gift can be a great valentine card. In order to make it, you need to stock up on paper - red, pink and beige, scissors, pencil, glue and ruler. You can also prepare red ribbon and beads to decorate the valentine.

    First of all, it is necessary to prepare the basis of the valentine. She will be beige.Dimensions can be chosen at the discretion, but small valentines look much better. Therefore, the ideal size would be 10 cm x 10 cm. Cutting and bending the paper (for durability you can use non-thick cardboard), you can proceed to its design.

    In the center with a pencil it is necessary to lightly draw the outlines of the heart, which will then be filled with material. The filling will be rose petals, but not natural, which will fade very quickly, but paper or cut from red ribbon. Cut the petals do not need to be perfectly smooth, if they are slightly different in size, it will only be better.

    Now you need to paste the cut petals on the card, thus creating a heart. You can glue with PVA glue, “Moment” or silicate glue. Double-sided tape is better not to use, as it is unreliable.

    Valentine is ready! It can also be decorated with small drawings of hearts or lines across the entire card and, if desired, you can make a special place for congratulations in the form of the same heart, cloud or emoticon.


    You can also do your own wedding invitation.These will be cards of colored paper, decorated with ribbons and lace. It is very easy to prepare the base by folding the paper to the required size in half. But you can decorate them in completely different ways. The decor can be a ribbon tied in a bow and glued to a card, you can also use lace, which looks very nice on the invitation. But more and more popularity are getting invitations in the form of a scroll or envelope.

    In order to make an invitation in the form of a scroll, you need to take the paper, but it is better not white, but beige or cream color. You can make it a little old, slightly scorched edges, or dropping for a few seconds in the brewed tea, and then dried. You can also figure cut. The text of the invitation must be written in broad handwriting, which will be similar to the royal one. Further, the invitation is rolled up and secured with a ribbon, lace or homemade print. Original wedding invitation is ready!


    Quilling is very popular today - the art of creating twisted strips of paper to create whole pictures. If the person is new to this business, the easiest option would be to make a flower in this technique.But it is worth remembering that whatever cards were made of paper, their schemes are completely different, and you can choose any one you like best.

    For a flower on a postcard in the style of quilling, it is necessary to prepare thin strips of paper of pink, white and green colors. The width of the strips can be any, but the size of 3-5 mm is considered ideal. All strips must be the same width. The basis will be made of paper or cardboard, bent in half.

    In order to curl strips of paper, you need to stock up on a special tool: you can buy it in the store, and you can do it yourself. To do this, take a straw from the juice and slightly cut it at the tip. In extreme cases, you can twist and hands.

    Now you need to cook the petals. A strip of white paper should be screwed onto the instrument, while inserting its tip into the slot. Having completely wound the strip, it must be carefully removed and, holding with your fingers, let the paper open a little. The tip of the paper is glued to the previous coil, and the petal is shaped into a droplet by fingers. A roll is also made of pink paper, but then it is inserted in the middle of the white petal.These steps need to be repeated four more times. Also made and leaves for the flower of green paper. In order to produce a stem, it is necessary to stretch the twisted roll of green stripe, getting the paper twisted in a spiral.

    Now all this needs to be pasted. But it is better not to apply the glue on the base, but pour it into the container and dip the petals there. Having stuck all the details, you need to wait until they are dry, and then you can decorate the card with inscriptions and drawings.

    It is worth saying that it is rather heavy according to the instructions to make postcards out of paper, video tutorials will be better suited for this. If the technique of quilling at first glance is incomprehensible, you can safely watch a training video on how this is done, and then get down to work.

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