• How to make a shared folder?

    Edward Stefchishin
    Edward Stefchishin
    January 25, 2013
    How to make a shared folder?

    To share one folder, to store information, you must open access to it to different users. How to make a shared folder, described during installation. If the operating system was not installed on the computer independently, then this article will help the novice user to create and open access to the folder. Very often, several people use a computer, and it becomes necessary to use a certain folder in common. In order for all users to use the same folder above, we transfer it to common documents. The general documents section is designed to store open access files for all PC users.

    Creating a shared folder

    How to make a shared folder, if it is necessary in a particular section of the hard disk? When creating, call it so that it is clear to all users. Click on the folder with the right mouse button and go to "Properties" (the bottom pop-up menu item). In the properties we go in access and put a tick in the item - "Open sharing." Everything is ready, the folder is available to all users. If you need to protect the folder files from changes in the “General” section, check the “Read Only” box.

    Creating a shared network folder

    How to make a shared network folder if it is necessary for users of your home or office network? A folder with a name that is clear to all users is created on the server or the main computer, and it is opened for general access. The hard disk partition in which the folder is located must also be open for general use and a check mark for allowing file changes over the network must be checked. Create such a folder will be possible only after configuring the network, which will help create a network configuration wizard, which can be found in the folder properties. To change files in a folder, it does not matter which network is wired or wireless.

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