• How to make a snowman in minecraft?

    Arslan Avanesov
    Arslan Avanesov
    January 17, 2013
    How to make a snowman in minecraft?

    As you know, fans of the legendary game Minecraft have the opportunity to create an assistant for themselves. Before you make a snowman in Minecraft you should make sure that you need a golem of this type. After all, as you know, there are stone, iron and snow (described in this article) helpers. Depending on what type of materials is used to create the golem, the NPS functions also change.

    How to make a snowman

    So, we really need the snow golem. To create it, we need a pair of snow blocks and a pumpkin, or Jack's lamp. The blocks will be used for the body of our snowman, and the lamp or pumpkin, respectively, for the head. Set the blocks set on each other, then complete the composition with a pumpkin head. Remember, this is the position! Otherwise, if the head is set before the blocks, the snowman will not come to life. Therefore, it is not recommended to craft a golem on a workbench.You should not increase the number of snow blocks either, since only two will be used.

    Why make a snowman

    With how to make a snowman in Minecraft, we figured out, and why is it needed? Despite the fact that the snowman does damage only to Ifrit, it is still useful in the gameplay. For example, having exposed several snowmen, you will protect yourself from zombies who simply will not be able to pass through such a powerful shelling of snowballs. In addition, with the help of a snowman, you can lure all enemies into traps. Also, the snowman will help open any doors or hatches. Well, and the incredible desire of the snowman to reach the enemy as quickly as possible will allow him to find the shortest way without obstacles. If you meet skeletons, dragons of the Land, slugs or wolves, the snowman will not accept them as an enemy and will not start the attack.

    The snow stripes that the snowman leaves while moving can be used to make snowballs. In case your house is located in the warm side, it is possible to create a generator of snow. To simplify the collection of snow, it is better to install a snowman on the platform, but do not forget about the ability of the golem to attract enemies.Noticing a snowman, enemies will destroy your buildings.

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