• How to make a track?

    To complete the mission - recording the track, we need a computer and devices for input and output sound. In addition, we will need some programs for processing and retouching the resulting recording files. Let's talk more about each of the necessary elements.

    How to make a track: equipment

    Given that we will use modern programs, the requirements for your personal computer will also be modern:

    • Intel Pentium 4 \ AMD Athlon (Intel Core ™ 2 Duo will be the best option)
    • RAM: 1 GB
    • free space on the hard drive in order to install the necessary programs: 2 GB
    • ASIO or Microsoft WDM / MME sound card supporting protocols
    • headphones or speakers
    • microphone

    The selection of a microphone should be given decent attention, because the quality of our future track depends on its quality, to a greater extent, and how we decided to make the track as professional as possible, then cheap micro headphones for the phone will not work for us. But those who love skype or karaoke can relax, such micros are quite suitable, and the 3.5 mm jack corresponds to what we need.If you are only planning to buy a microphone, then in this case it will be useful for beginners to recall the proportion “cost-quality”. Costly models, as a rule, are of higher quality, however, exceptions occur here. Do not be afraid to scrutinize the product. Connect, speak, listen. You should not buy headphones with a microphone, since the quality of the latter is inferior to the quality of a separate microphone.

    Some may not understand the need for headphones. It would seem, and speakers are a worthy device for sound output. However, playing a song, in our case, is possible only after recording. Using headphones, we can turn on the music, as a separate track, and the microphone does not catch the extraneous sound. In no case do not simultaneously record a chapel and minus. It is necessary to achieve perfect silence in the room where the recording takes place. The windows are closed, the TV is turned off, and all the listeners are alertly silenced. Clean recording is the key to high quality sound.

    How to make a track: software and drivers

    Forget about standard entertainment in the form of sound recordings embedded in our operating system.Today we will need special audio editors, the possibilities of which are unlimited. The list of software we need includes:

    • powerful enough audio editor with clear and accessible interface (Adobe Audition CS5 is well suited)
    • Microscope and audio output driver (asio4all). It is included only in the process of recording with the help of the editor. The task of the driver is to save the recording from bugs, improve its quality and normalize the playback processes.
    • VST plugin iZotope Nectar for our editor. With it, you can work on the coloring of the voice. The plugin includes several ready-made templates, as well as the ability to create your own style.

    How to make a track: record

    Opening a new session in our audio editor, we see 2 buttons responsible for switching modes from Waweform to Multitrack. The first is the mode of individual editing the file, the second is the mode of working with a number of tracks. It is convenient to use the second mode for recording, since here you can add an effect to each of the tracks. So, the record itself:

    • add to the first audio track minus, chosen by us (minus - music without words).To do this, just use the track function - Insert or simply drag the file to the desired lane.
    • turn on and check our microphone, then click Default Stereo Input on the second track and choose our microphone (recording mode includes the R button, check the microphone in real time mode by pressing I, the stop button replaces the space perfectly during recording)

    How to make a track: editing a record

    The sound level on the recording, as a rule, does not always meet our expectations. Therefore, it is necessary to correct it. To do this, go to the individual editing mode of the track with the recording of our voice, for which we double-click on the track and lower or increase the volume in the right areas. Selecting the problematic part of the track, you can adjust the decibel level with the slider.

    Pressing the Shift and P keys allows you to make a plot as an example of unnecessary noise. After that, select the "Effects" - "Noise Reduction" section in the audio editor menu. You can also use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + Shift + P. We connect the plugin chosen by us by clicking on the “Effects” section of the menu and choosing the plugin audio manager.Next, we find the folder with the saved plugin and select it with a mark. Work with the plugin is quite simple and accessible even for beginners.

    Finishing work, do not forget to save all session files in order to edit or revise them again if necessary. To save the session, select "File" - "Save As" or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + S. Save the session as an audio format, choose the mp3 format and the maximum level of quality.

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