• How to make a tractor?

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    How to make a tractor?

    As is known, in agriculture the tractor is a great helper in business. The process of creating a homemade unit is somewhat different depending on the materials used, the planned cost of production, as well as your skills and imagination.

    It is much easier to manufacture the tractor itself than a car or a motorcycle, because the excellent driving characteristics and appearance of the device are not its main qualities, this type of equipment requires, first of all, the ability to transport a certain load. This article describes the creation of a tractor on the basis of the VAZ-2102 with the addition of parts from the UAZ, but you can proceed from those parts that you can get.

    Parts and tools

    Here are only the main parts that will be required for the manufacture of a working model of the tractor, all the rest: choose the wings of the wheels, the seat, the method of mounting the headlights at your discretion.

    For the manufacture of the tractor with your own hands you will need

    From the VAZ:

    • engine;
    • Transmission;
    • clutch;
    • pedal assembly;
    • ignition system;
    • lighting devices;tractor
    • other electrical equipment.

    From UAZ:

    • frame;
    • brake cylinder;
    • cardan;
    • steering;
    • rear axle.

    For the manufacture of the tractor body:

    • sheet iron with a thickness of 5 mm.


    • bolts and nuts;
    • rubber couplings.


    • welding machine;
    • Bulgarian;
    • gearbox from electric car;
    • lathe;
    • wrenches and screwdrivers.

    How to make a tractor

    Frame upgrade

    The frame requires only one addition: instead of the cut-off rear part, a small (about 10 cm) piece of channel is welded, the rear axle will be attached to it by welding. The hitch must also be welded to the rear of the frame in order to be able to haul the cart. After making small changes, the engine will be bolted to the front of the frame and the front axle attached.

    Engine enhancement

    1. The gearbox is necessary to reduce the speed of the future tractor,tractorit needs to be connected to the engine with the help of a universal joint propeller UAZ, after shortening the latter.
    2. On one side, attach the universal joint with a rubber coupling, on the other side there will be a crosspiece from the same UAZ.
    3. The gearbox is also connected to the rear axle with the help of a rubber clutch, although a direct connection of flanges can also be used.
    4. Before mounting the engine to the frame it would be nice to sort it out, replace parts worn with time.

    Rear axle

    The Uazovsky bridge will be used as the rear axle of the new unit. Since you need to make a standard (short) half-line, you will need to shorten a long stocking, you can do this with the help of the grinder.tractor

    To shorten the axes, do the following:

    1. Cut off the flange.
    2. In the middle of it, make a hole for the semi-axis.
    3. Insert the half shaft into the hole.
    4. Weld the parts to one another.
    5. Cut off the excess part of the half shaft.

    The rear axle is attached to the frame with two pipes with a square profile, welded at an angle of about 120 degrees. The base of the structure is welded onto the regular rear axle cushions. One of the ends is attached to the frame, and the second is subsequently connected to the rear.

    Front Axle Device

    Front axle: hub, side racks, turning fingers, bearings are taken from the VAZ. Attachments for the front wheel wings are welded to the uprights.Here is the steering rod.

    From UAZ will be taken steering column, tie rod and steering gear. To fasten the latter, a special crossbar is welded to the frame.

    Body fabrication

    Body for a homemade tractor will have to do on their own. It all depends on your imagination and desire for functionality.

    • On top of the panel, the front can be welded arc, in case you need to climb on the hood or bumper;tractor
    • The gas tank is better to attach the back. He will act as the back wall of the cabin;
    • Rear lights can be attached to specially made boxes;
    • A pedal assembly, electrical equipment parts, brake master cylinders will be attached to the cabin front wall, and an instrument panel in the upper part;
    • In the cab seat is installed.

    To protect the metal structure from corrosion, it will need to be painted. The body is attached to the frame with bolts.

    You can watch the video about making a tractor with your own hands on this page.

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