• How to make a trolley in Minecraft?

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    How to make a trolley in Minecraft?

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    How to make a trolley in Minecraft?

    In Minecraft there is often a need for a trolley. It is used to transport things and objects, as well as for the transportation of goods in the mines. Some players use it to move between buildings. Let us dwell on how to make a trolley in Minecraft.

    Crafting trolleys

    For the manufacture of trolleys you need iron bars. You can get them from ore. Iron is smelted in a furnace using coal. All you need to create 5 bars. Place them in a grid like this:

    • bottom row - 3 ingots;
    • middle row - 2 ingot side stacks;
    • the top row remains empty.

    As a result, you get a regular trolley. But it will only ride on rails. To install it on rails, select the trolley as an inventory and click on the rails with the right mouse button.

    In Minecraft, you can make a trolley with a chest:

    1. Open the crafting grid.
    2. Place the chest in it in the central cell.
    3. Place the trolley in the bottom row of the Kraft grid in the middle.

    During the game often requires a trolley with a funnel. It is crafted in this way:

    1. Place the hopper in the center of the workbench.
    2. Underneath place the cart.

    If you need a trolley with a stove, then do the following:

    1. In the center of the grid Kraft position the stove.
    2. In the last row in the middle, place the cart.

    You can also make a trolley with TNT:

    1. Position the TNT block in the center of the workbench.
    2. Put a trolley under it.

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