• How to make a wardrobe?

    As the Russian proverb says, “They meet according to their clothes, but they escort according to their minds” And they say correctly! Attractive appearance is determined not only by appearance, but also by what a person dresses into. But often there are difficulties with the selection of clothes and shoes, because there are a great many styles, brands, brands, but not everything is right for you. Understand what's what, as well as understand how to make a wardrobe you will help this article. In addition, we will give advice not only to women, but also to men, because in most cases they are the victims of fashion.

    So how to make a wardrobe

    A wardrobe is not just a bunch of things, it is a correctly chosen and made-up clothing, both for every day and for holidays. The basis of any wardrobe is a basic wardrobe, things from which can be supplemented with new fashion models. With him, and you need to start making wardrobe.

    The advantage of basic things is as follows:

    • you will always have something to wear;
    • these things will be appropriate in all cases, whether going to a movie or a restaurant;
    • most basic things go great with each other;
    • Often these things lack details, but if you add the right accessories, then chic and elegance will appear in the image.

    The main things in the wardrobe for women

    • A must-have thing for all occasions is a little black dress. It can easily be put on both at work and for going to a restaurant.
    • Classic suit. Can be purchased with a skirt or with pants. The color may not be black, gray is fine.
    • Pencil skirt and black dress pants. The length of the skirt is the middle of the knee, plus or minus the width of the palm.
    • White blouse - a very versatile thing, suitable for everyone.
    • Jeans. Simple jeans are always useful for walking, shopping. They should be simple, classic blue without rhinestones and other decorations, comfortable and comfortable.
    • Turtlenecks and T-shirts. It is necessary to choose classical colors - white, black, monophonic, without prints.
    • Cardigan or cardigan. V-neckline and a universal warm beige tone are appropriate here.
    • Good underwear. Not necessarily it should look expensive. First of all, it should be simple and convenient, because it wears it every day.
    • Also, basic accessories are required. They will approach:
    • A bag. Best of neutral color.
    • Scarf. Also neutral colors to go well with the rest of the wardrobe.
    • Footwear. These are boots, demi-season shoes, sneakers and summer sandals.
    • Decorations. Here you need to be guided by your taste and preferences, but do not forget about combining them with other things.

    The main things in the wardrobe for men

    It is better to divide men's wardrobe into business, casual, sports, home and leisure.

    • Business suit and jackets. The suit should fit perfectly on the figure, the colors should be better than the classic ones. Such suits need to have at least two. Jackets can be fitted and on one button.
    • Shirts and knitwear. White shirt is always relevant. There should be several of them. Mandatory warm sweater and turtleneck. Again, classic colors are preferable.
    • Jeans. Classic blue jeans are perfect for any man.
    • Footwear. It can be sneakers, classic shoes and shoes.
    • Accessories. These include: black belt, bags, scarves, gloves, socks and underwear.

    As we can see, the answer to the question of how to create a basic wardrobe was not so difficult.

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