• How to make a Windows 7 image?

    September 8, 2014
    How to make a Windows 7 image?

    Occasionally, due to a virus attack or improper actions of the users themselves, Windows 7 may not load or work poorly. In such cases, it is better to insure and make an iso image of Windows 7, from which you can then roll back the system to a workable version.

    This will be discussed in detail below.

    How to make a Windows 7 system image

    There are two easy ways to make a Windows 7 image without third-party programs — archiving and writing the image to the media on a schedule. Consider each case in more detail.

    Image creation via archiving

    To make an archive, perform the following steps:

    1. We go on the way "Start - Control Panel - Backup and Restore." Click on the tab “Creating a system image”, where we are interested in the item “Configure Backup”.
    2. In the new window there will be two items. Select "Create an image of the system."
    3. In the new window, select the place where the image of the system will be stored, which will help roll back the OS. It is best to choose a removable media like a flash drive or disk.You should not keep a backup on a local disk, because the system may stop working at once and the image cannot be started.
    4. After selecting the storage address, you must specify what you will archive. You can archive as personal data, and just the OS. It all depends on what you need and how much space is on removable media.
    5. In the end, select "Archive" and wait for the completion of the creation of the image, which can take a decent time.

    Thus, we created a backup on removable media.

    Creating an OS image on a schedule

    This method differs in that it is necessary at some time to repeat the backup OS on the media. This is done like this:

    1. In the same menu “Configure Backup” specify the path to save to the storage medium. Please note that the media must be available at a specific time for re-recording.
    2. In the next window, choose what to archive or give it to the system by default. Click "Next".
    3. In the new window it is possible to select the system update schedule. This can be once a week, a month or another term. It all depends on how often you make changes on your computer to the files.
    4. We complete the process by clicking the “Start Backup” button. We are waiting for the end.

    In this case, it will be necessary to repeat the archive after the period that you specified in the schedule.

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