• How to make a wish map?

    Not so long ago, desire cards became popular or they are also called �poster of desires�. It all started with the movie "The Secret", where scientists explain the connection of man with the universe. And everything happens this way: first, you send your thoughts to the universe, and then it turns to you in such a way that it will fulfill those or other desires. And there is quite a relevant question about how to make a map of desires. In this article, we will answer this question and describe in detail all the details of the correct preparation of such a map.

    Create a wish card

    To make such a wish card, you need to use pictures from magazines, or the Internet and your own photo. Of course, ideally, the photo is glued in the middle of the poster, after which next to it are glued those items that you most want in the near future. It can be a car, a house, cosmetics, jewelry, clothing, furniture, appliances, and so on. They also stick near the photo itself and those pictures that reflect love, luck, family and money.

    You can also create on the computer a map of desires using Photoshop. After which, it will be on your desktop. Such a map is created by Feng Shui and everything is located in the Bagua grid. This means that the map is made without pictures, there are simply descriptions of desires for the created sectors, but psychologists also state that pictures or photographs with desires that are always in front of the eyes motivate a person to achieve a particular goal.

    Remember also that the desire is executed exactly as in the pictures. Therefore, if you want a particular brand of car, then stick it exactly and that color, as you imagine in your dreams. And your photo must be colored and radiate joy.

    Speaking about how to make the right map of desires, we will look into various areas of our life in which we would like to see significant improvements. Now we will dwell in more detail on the existing sectors and pictures that will most suit them.


    • Health. Here we select pictures of slender and healthy bodies and sign them with similar phrases: �I am slim!� Or �I weigh 55 kg�, �I am healthy�.Do not use "no" particles and negative words. Sign everything as if it�s already fulfilled.
    • Wealth. Here pictures of jewelry, money, technology, home. And we sign with the appropriate phrases: �Our housewarming with the family is 12. 11. 2015 g� or �I am driving my car� and so on.
    • Career. Pictures of directors or supervisors signing "I am the president of the company." You can also make a schedule of the received positions on the way to the president.
    • A family. Pictures of a happy family or a picture of an existing one, where everyone is happy. Answering the question of how to properly draw up a map of desires, this sector is mandatory, so do not forget about it, even if you have a happy family.
    • Marriage. Pictures showing your relationship with your husband. Signing: �I have a strong husband� or �I have an attentive husband�, not forgetting myself �I am a wise wife�.

    Further we place all this on the wish card, and they must be fulfilled. Many of course do not wait for this, because it will take several weeks, months or years. But the main thing is to sincerely believe in it and to represent oneself in a particular house, on a particular machine, and so on, for periods.

    Important Details of the Wish Card

    Remember that when we complain about life, saying �What I do not have this or that object or happiness,� then the universe perceives it as desire and fulfills. Therefore, your thoughts should be positive and radiate joy. Also of course, all this will not be fulfilled while you wait at home. Such a poster of desires implies that the universe will help you to achieve this or that desire, for example, you want a million dollars, and perhaps when you buy a lottery ticket you win them, or you conclude a very good deal from which to receive a similar amount of money.

    As for those desires that have already been fulfilled, pictures with them cannot be peeled off, you just need to paste your next wish on top of the past picture. Thus, the fulfilled desire to consolidate in your life and the new will begin to be fulfilled. As for the pictures themselves, try to separate your desires from the desires of your relatives and friends, so as not to get confused, otherwise the card will not work properly.

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