• How to make a workbook?

    Ildar Yunusov
    Ildar Yunusov
    July 8, 2014
    How to make a workbook?

    The workbook is the main document of a person’s work activity, and its availability and proper management is very important. That is why the workbook is filled by personnel department specialists who know all the subtleties of the correct execution of this document. If you had a work record, but you lost it, this article will help you. And here you can learn how to get your first workbook and where to get it.

    A person who has no work experience should receive a work record at the first place of work. The employer draws it up independently and keeps it for himself throughout the entire period of work of the owner of the book. However, often labor records in the enterprise are not provided. This can occur for several reasons:

    • the enterprise is private and small (LLC, IP, etc.);
    • the company does not have a personnel department, whose employees could issue a workbook form according to all the rules;
    • a person works under an agency agreement and, therefore, his employment record does not start.

    If it is not possible to make a work record in the enterprise, you can purchase it yourself and bring it to work for filling. You can buy a workbook form:

    • at official distributors of Goznak products (or);
    • in stationery stores and newsstands.

    Some sites sell employment records only to legal entities, so most often people simply buy forms on their own in the nearest office supply store, because it costs them for a long time and is expensive to order them from distributors. There is nothing illegal in the purchase of a workbook in stores.

    In some stores, together with the workbook, a hologram with the abbreviation TC, which was previously intended to protect the seals and signatures of employers, is issued. Today this hologram is not used.

    Always remember that always, if there is an opportunity, it is better to make a work record at the enterprise, because it will be very useful to you in the future. Very often, young people do not pay enough attention to formalizing a job, but over time they realize how important this document is.

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