• How to make an angel out of paper?

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    How to make an angel out of paper?

    Beautiful souvenirs for Christmas and New Year can be made with your own hands. One example that demonstrates this is the Christmas angel. It can be made by children as a gift to parents, grandparents. For adults - more complex, voluminous angels, which can also be given or decorated with their help a house, a Christmas tree.

    Paper Angel Craft: The Easy Way

    For work should prepare in advance the necessary:

    • a sheet of paper folded in half;
    • scissors;
    • simple pencil.

    Production: step by step

    1. On the half sheet you need to draw the outlines of the angel - the head, part of the dress, the wing and part of the nimbus (see figure).angel
    2. Now cut the angel along the contour. Pay attention to the dress, decorating it with stripes on the bottom. Wings can also be cut into strips along the edge. If you screw them on a pencil, it will come out more gently - small curls.
    3. Now - focus: pull a halo in front of your head - it will turn into hands folded in prayer. Or you can insert a carved horn into your hands - as an option.
    4. Finished angel decorate at its discretion. You can use a heart-shaped hole punch and make an angel pattern on the dress. Also, with the help of a hole punch, lace edges of the wings or clothing are made.
    5. It only remains to fix the thread on the angel - and you can hang the decoration on the spruce, chandelier or in another place. Effectively looks mobile from such crafts.

    How to make an angel origami: a more complicated way

    You will need:angel

    • two squares of paper;
    • a strip of paper of the same color;
    • glue stick;
    • threads;
    • scissors.

    The squares are small - 7 by 7 cm.

    Step-by-step instruction:

    1. Technique performance simple crafts. Squares are made corrugated, that is, we fold in stripes. To do this, fold them first in half. Then fold each half to the middle, straighten it - 4 strips are ready. Now fold the bottom edge to the edge of the top band. Straighten. Repeat, turning the square. Extreme bands also need to be bent in half.
    2. Bend each of the eight strips in half.
    3. When you have two squares - 16 stripes each, assemble them into an accordion.
    4. Bend the accordions at one-third the entire length. Make sure that the fold point is at the same level for both harmonicas.
    5. Glue along the outer edge of the harmonica. Repeat with both.
    6. Make an angel's head: take a strip of paper and twist it into a circle. So that it does not unwind, first lubricate it with glue in the course of winding. Secure the end of the strip with glue on your head - an angel will turn into a halo.
    7. Glue the parts together. The head is attached between two accordion blanks. On the halo you can fix the thread for attaching crafts to spruce or interior items.

    If at some point remained unclear, you can watch the video instruction that you find on this page.

    Angela can be used as a decoration for a handmade card. Also, if desired, the craftwork is decorated with beads or ribbons - it will be even more festive.

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