• How to make an attic in 2018

    So, turn the attic into the attic. To begin with, assemble in the attic a frame made of 50CH150 mm bar for a future attic. It should consist of vertical racks for walls and horizontal rafters of thick bars - for the ceiling. If you are going to divide the attic into several rooms, also assemble the partition frame with the door frame. Lay the floor you prefer - boards, laminate, etc.
    How to make an attic
    Then take care of a good weatherization of your attic. After all, through it can leave heat from the whole house. First you need to put a layer of vapor barrier material under the future walls, ceiling and floor of the attic, then insulation (mineral wool was used before, now there is a more modern material, a heat sink), and waterproofing from above. All materials are mounted between the rafters and beams. We should not forget about the insulation of the gable.
    How to make an attic
    Now you need to install windows in the attic. If you already have special rectangular birdhouses for windows, you can do with simple double-glazed windows, but it is better to take special attic windows.They are more economical in terms of heat conservation, they are easy to mount. Sloped windows give 40% more light than straight windows of the same size. Installation instructions attached to the set of windows. But to be faithful, you can resort to the services of special organizations that install windows in the attic.
    When the installation of windows is finished, you can begin to finish. For a start, sheathe rafters with sheets of drywall, fiberboard or chipboard, wood. Then glue the primary finish with wallpaper, paint, plaster with decorative plaster, veneer lining. When using wallpaper, you must very carefully combine the picture: because the beveled walls make it difficult to combine the pattern. All triangular and beveled areas are pasted over last.
    How to make an attic
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    You can only make an attic if there is waterproofing on the roof crate. Without it, can not do.

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