• How to make an origami tank

    You will need
    • Rectangular sheet of paper.
    Take a rectangular piece of paper. Do not use paper that is too thick or cardboard, as it is very difficult to bend them. Best fit standard sheets of A4 paper. It is also worth noting that the size of the paper tank will depend on the size of the sheet you choose. Remember, the smaller the sheet is selected, the more difficult it will be to assemble a model from it. Fold the sheet in half so that the oblong rectangle turns out again. Now bend one corner so that its edge exactly coincides with the opposite side of the rectangle. Turn the workpiece and bend the opposite corner in the same way and turn it again.
    Now the sides of the resulting workpiece fold in the direction of the middle and all together fold down. You should have a figure that remotely resembles a frog.
    Repeat the above procedure on the opposite side of the rectangle. Now fold the side longitudinal sides to the middle of the rectangle.Bend the ends in the opposite direction. During this procedure, make sure that the petals at each end of the rectangle are not bent.
    Now you need to fold the triangular petals. Bend them so that you get a rhombus, while not bringing a little angle to the top. Then fold the two triangular ends on top of each other, while not bringing it to full coincidence. Make it so that one end is slightly less than the other. After this, thread the lower wings under the upper ones. The protruding ends bend towards each other.
    On each side of the tank, carefully lay out the tracks. Try to give them an oval shape that they looked like real ones. Next, make a tube from a small sheet and pass it into the center hole of the tank. This will be the barrel of your tank. Now your paper tank is ready for toy battles.

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