• How to make angel beads?

    How to make angel beads?Most people develop a hobby during a certain period of their life. This may be a fascination with technology, collecting books or stamps, and needlework. The list of popular hobbies does not surrender leadership positions and weaving beads. It helps to focus, develop fine motor skills of hands and at the same time make useful trivia. And we often wonder: what to weave from beads?

    Angel of beads with your own hands - a wonderful decor for any home

    Want to bring your family time for holidays and Christmas magic? In this case, you should definitely pay attention to how to make angel beads. You can decide for yourself what size and color it will be. It’s up to you to decide what it will be designed to decorate. So, you can easily weave out of angel beads, which will be mounted on a Christmas tree, or one that will stand in the middle of the festive table.

    Bead weaving is a wonderful activity for the whole family. Gather around children, parents and begin to weave. Everyone can create their own angel, which after the holidays will be able to decorate their desktop or personal corner. Try it, and you will be surprised how easy and exciting it is.

    How to make an angel of beads with minimal time?

    First of all, you need to prepare special materials. For the head you need a large bead (3-5 cm in diameter, white or transparent), wire or fishing line - at least one meter. White, transparent and gold beads of various diameters
    How to make angel beads?
    We will begin weaving with the nimbus of our toy. To do this, you need to strung 17 gold-colored beads on a fishing line and place them exactly in the middle of our fishing line.
    How to make angel beads?
    The next step is to pass the ends of the fishing line over our “head” of the angel towards each other.
    How to make angel beads?
    As you can see, we have already done one big part - the head with a beautiful golden halo is ready. Now you need to twist the line 5-6 times to make the neck of our voluminous bead toy. When everything is ready, it is necessary to go to the body. We take one white bead and pass the ends of the fishing line into it.The second row will be two large beads.
    How to make angel beads?
    After two rows of the body, you must go to the wings of our angel of beads. For them, you need at least twenty-three transparent beads. String them on the ends of your fishing line. And on top we will add golden beads - this will be the completion of the wings.
    How to make angel beads?
    In the bead, which is the last in a row, you need to thread the end of the fishing line and pull it well. The lower part of the wings will consist of nineteen beads (also transparent). After completing, we pass the fishing line through two beads (the second row of the body of the angel) and go to the second wing.
    How to make angel beads?
    Angel hands - 6 white beads. You must skip the free end of the fishing line through the white beads, then gently pull off
    How to make angel beads?
    The next step is 3 large beads. It is logical that each subsequent row will be wider by one bead. Thus, the last one you should have from 8 white beads. Next, the line must be secured. To do this, twist the ends and gently cut.
    How to make angel beads?
    So, you learned how to make volumetric angels from beads. And even if at first you didn’t get it at all, the result, for sure, exceeded all expectations. Experiment with sizes, colors and even shapes.Decorate your house, decorate it with the help of needlework, delight your family with interesting pieces. And our advice will help you.

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