• How to make Baba Yaga?

    Who said dolls are for kids? Yes, maybe children should play dolls, but an adult can do the doll with their own hands. What are we doing dolls for? Maybe you want to make a doll for the home theater, to put on performances with children, or as a talisman and a talisman, or just for the soul. If you decide to make some funny figure, for example, Baba Yaga, then we will certainly tell you how it is done. So how to make Baba Yaga with your own hands?


    It is known that Baba Yaga is far from beautiful, and besides, an old grandmother living in the wilderness of the forest. Therefore, making it easy enough because you do not need to strive to make it beautiful, which requires certain artistic skills. In addition, no need to buy beautiful fabrics for her outfit. In the case will go all the trim and old unsightly rags.

    Thus, you will need:

    • the cloth
    • Scissors
    • Needle threads
    • Hairstyle yarn
    • Flesh-colored old nylon pantyhose
    • Stuffing Material
    • Aqueous emulsion paint, gouache, brushes
    • Birch twigs for broom

    Making a doll

    We start making the doll from the head. To do this, cut out a circle from a kapron stocking, assemble it with the help of a needle and thread, and put packing material inside. Next, we sew well the resulting ball. We make the same ball and sew it on the place of the future nose. The finished base for the head is covered with several layers of water-based paint, drying each layer before applying the next. Then draw a face. You can glue the finished eyes. On the face we draw warts, wrinkles, mouth with crooked teeth and so on.

    On the head we glue the hair, made from the remnants of the yarn of the desired color. How to make Baba Yaga more believable? No need to make her hairstyle neat. She should be a little shaggy, with a sloppy hairdo. You can tie a colorful scarf on her head.

    For the body, you can make a wire frame, or make a frameless doll that can be put on the hand, or on the bottle, for example. Hands can be made from salt dough. Feet can also be made from dough, or sew as well as the head. Take care of how you will attach the hands to the frame or costume of the doll.Cut through holes in the dough with a needle so that you can sew them like buttons. Do not forget that in one hand Yagi should be a broom, so the brush should be made in such a way that there was an opportunity to insert a broom stalk.

    Sewing attire

    When all the constituent dolls are ready, you need to put everything together and dress our Grandma in a dress. Here you are free to sew everything your heart desires: a sundress, a jacket with a skirt, an apron, in general, everything that, in your opinion, the heroine of children's fairy tales should flaunt.

    How to make Baba Yaga without its required attributes, such as stupa and broom. Putting her in a mortar, you can not do her legs, they still will not be visible. But if the stupa is not absolutely necessary, then the broom should be by all means. For its manufacture need birch twigs. They need to be tipped of approximately the same length, tied with string or string, and in the middle insert a cutting for which an ordinary branch, pencil or wooden sushi stick will fit. Broom is best securely attached to the hand of our heroine with glue. By the way, if you make a fairly large broom, then Baba Yaga herself can be seated on it, tied a rope to both ends of the broom and hanged on the wall. It will look very impressive.

    As you can see, making Baba Yaga with your own hands is not at all difficult. The main thing in this business is your desire to create something with your own hands and a little imagination. So create and enjoy the process itself.

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