• How to make butterflies on the wall?

    Many in their childhood engaged in origami or create other crafts. It was very interesting, but now you can not limit yourself to Christmas snowflakes or paper figures. You can direct your creativity to decorate the walls in the apartment, and this will help you butterflies!

    Butterflies on the wall with their own hands - this is a very beautiful decoration that does not require large investments, and can always diversify the design. Such an interior will always bring a good mood to the house. If you want to come up with something unusual, to revive an apartment, then you should definitely think about how to decorate the wall with butterflies. Every person will be pleased to return home and see what beauty there is!

    Butterflies on the wall

    How to make butterflies on the wall? Yes, very simple!

    It is necessary to carefully cut a lot of butterflies of different sizes out of paper, and then stick them on the wall or attach them with tape or pins. It will be very beautiful if the butterflies are of different colors and different shapes.

    What to make butterflies?

    1. Colored or black paper, better cardboard
    2. Good pins set
    3. Scissors, preferably sharp, so that they do not tear the paper, but cut it.
    4. Pliers or pliers
    5. Pencil to make a stencil
    6. Cardboard as a stencil base
    7. Glue. It is better if it is superglue or "Titan".

    Where to start design

    There is nothing difficult in decorating your walls with butterflies. First you need to take a pencil, which is well sharpened, and draw butterflies on cardboard. Consider their size and shape so that the butterflies are different. The number of such insects can be unlimited. The more beautiful butterflies you make, the more interesting your interior will be.

    Cardboard stencil butterflies on the wall that you cut, you must attach to the colored paper, and then from it cut butterflies.

    We take pins and pliers or pliers bend them at a right angle, that is, ninety degrees. Make them look like the letter "G".

    The next step is to glue or attach the pins to the base. To do this, we glue the butterfly on the pin in the middle so that it holds tightly. In fifteen or twenty minutes everything should dry.

    Butterflies on the wall

    Paper butterflies on the wall can be fastened without the help of pins, if it is covered with wallpaper.In this case, you will need all the same as in the previous version, except for the pins. Cut the butterflies, and to make them look alive, they can be bent at the base to highlight the wings and abdomen. So they will be like living things that sit on plants or flowers. Next, we glue the base of butterflies to the wall.

    Butterfly wings can not stick, so it will be much more beautiful look. In addition, many people like to decorate the ceilings of an apartment in this way or create entire collections of butterflies of different colors, shapes and sizes.

    The big advantage of mounting butterflies on pins is the shadow that they cast on the wall. The picture becomes very realistic.

    Butterflies on the wall: photos can also be found on the Internet, printed and pasted in the same way. This method is used by those who have a very unusual interior at home or there are items that you want to combine with something unusual in color.

    Ideas of such design can be found on the Internet, for example, on the sites gemmastyle.ru/babochki-v-interere, or homy.com.ua/article/10-idei,-interera-babochkami. There you can find any interior options.

    And if you need to look at stencils for butterflies, then you can refer to such portals as:

    Now you can do beautiful butterflies with your own hands and decorate the walls of the interior with them!

    Butterflies on the wall

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