• How to make glass?

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    How to make glass?

    The popular game Minecraft is entertaining because it has a full life, houses are built, raw materials are mined. Many interesting things can be done by combining different materials in a special sequence. It is interesting how glass is made - the process is schematically similar to real production.

    Materials: what is glass made from?

    Glass is a transparent block that has the properties of a real glass. This is perhaps one of the most fragile blocks: in a very short time it collapses under the influence of any tool or hand. The block of glass after it is destroyed does not fall out, but is simply destroyed. From this it follows that the glass can be installed only once. However, using the �Silk Touch� enchantment, you can get the glass block back. Most often glass is used in decorative quality as an ornament. However, it has useful practical properties. Before you learn how to make glass in Minecraft, you need to collect the necessary ingredients.

    For the glass block you need:

    • Sand.
    • Coal.
    • Stove.

    Sand is required to create a glass block. It can be found in abundance on sandy beaches, as well as in the shallows. You can get it by hand or with a variety of tools. It may be recommended to use a shovel, since it is mining especially fast.

    Still need coal ore, one of the most common ores. It is found in caves, as well as on rocks or underground. Coal is obtained from the ore of 1 piece, sometimes you get a chance to get a small amount of experience, if you get any pickaxe.

    Production will take place with the help of a stove, but it is already available from the Indev version.

    Production: how to make glass

    Some sites have videos of how glass is made with a detailed description of this process. However, there is nothing particularly difficult. We open the stove slot, in the upper part we place sand, and in the lower coal.

    Then we light the fire, melt the reagents and obtain transparent glass blocks. Everything is simple and very convenient. Like much of the special materials made in this game.

    The reasons why they make glass

    This material is mostly decorative. Can be used for building windows or transparent roofs.However, fragility and transparency are not the only properties of this material. An important property of it is that it is impossible to make an inexhaustible source on it, due to the fact that water flows on the glass less than on other blocks.

    In addition, mobs do not see anything through the glass. They perceive it as an opaque block, along with a cobblestone or a stone, for example.

    We can recommend the following constructions of glass:

    • Create transparent corridors in the dungeon; in the dark, you can notice and kill mobs from afar, they can�t do anything - break the glass, they don�t know how.
    • Build an underwater base; the result obtained is very effective and interesting; many opportunities for use open up.
    • Use as windows, loopholes for viewing space. Especially for the early detection of mobs. Will allow you to effectively destroy them in advance or avoid them if the player prefers a more diplomatic game.

    Now you know how to make glass and can take advantage of all its benefits. Good luck in the game!

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