• How to make honey?

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    How to make honey?

    Honey is suitable for preparing numerous dishes and desserts. Often it is used for diet and treatment of various diseases. To do this, it is mixed with aloe. How to cook honey with such a healing plant correctly, you will learn further. It will also be described how to make a dessert of honey with the addition of nuts.

    How to cook aloe with honey

    Honey with aloe is excellent for strengthening the immune system, winning a cold, curing diseases such as gastritis, pneumonia, ulcers and others. But it is important to use only natural honey, and aloe should be at least three years old.

    To prepare the healing mixture on the basis of these ingredients, it is required to take them in equal proportions. Honey must have a liquid consistency. If it is already candied, you will need to melt it. But this must be done correctly. Read more about this in our article How to melt honey.

    To prepare the mixture, you need to wash the scarlet and grind it in a meat grinder. Mix the resulting gruel with honey and store in the refrigerator.It is taken several times a day before meals for 1 tsp.

    How to cook nuts with honey

    Nuts with honey is a very healthy and incredibly tasty delicacy. It requires the following ingredients:

    • pistachios - 60
    • raisins - 10 g;
    • walnut kernels - 60 g;
    • hazelnut (peeled) - 60 g;
    • almonds - 6 g;
    • Brazil nuts - 60 g;
    • prunes - 60 g;
    • natural honey - 60 g

    This delicacy is prepared as follows:

    1. Take a clean jar and put some of the nuts, prunes and raisins into it. Pour all half the honey. Then put in the jar the remaining nuts and dried fruits. All this pour the second part of honey.
    2. Using a wooden spatula, compact all the ingredients in a jar. Then close the lid and leave in the refrigerator for several hours. Eat a treat with nuts and honey can be with tea.

    Please note that honey can be consumed in its pure form. It has numerous beneficial properties and is able to cure various diseases. But it is important to take it properly. For each disease has its own scheme.

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