• How to make money playing games?

    Elena Melnichenko
    Elena Melnichenko
    February 18, 2015
    How to make money playing games?

    If you like to play various games and spend a lot of time in front of a computer or game console, then you should think about how to make money playing games. This question is of concern to many users, so let's look at it in more detail.

    Below we present a couple of options for making money on games and links to useful resources.

    Earning options

    If you want to devote all your time to games, then you can become a tester. A tester is a person who tests games. The task of the tester is to identify errors in the tested games.

    The tester should play the same game every day, after finding and correcting bugs, search for and identify new errors and flaws.

    Thus, playing games, you can get a good salary. If you are interested in this job, then suitable vacancies can be found on the website.

    Additional income

    In addition, if you do not want to devote all the time to games, you can earn money on games temporarily and get some kind of income.You can, for example, sell goods (gold, weapons, tools) or untwisted players in games. But in this case it is necessary to devote a lot of time to the game. The easiest games to make money are Clan Wars and My Lands.

    Also, do not forget about the stream (live broadcasts of game plots). Here, during the display of the plot, you can earn money on advertising or using various logos (for a small fee). At the moment, game developers, as well as representatives of various outlets or networks, very often use such advertising.

    Streams can be uploaded to the network, for example, on Youtube, or to special sites such as.

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