• How to make out a letter?

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    How to make out a letter?

    Receive paper letters, and especially written by hand, we have become very rare. Increasingly, communication with friends is reduced to the use of social networks, and with the employer, various authorities, commissions - to electronic correspondence. But handwritten letters are not just a way to transfer information. They bear the imprint of a person’s personality and the smell of travel.


    Even before the letter is read, its design will make a certain impression on the recipient. Naturally, everyone wants it to be positive.LetterTherefore, you need to learn a few rules on how to properly arrange a letter.

    1. There should be no blots in the letter, try to keep the lines straight.
    2. Do not rush to write, your underscore will be neater.
    3. Pay attention to the field. Both narrow and overly wide give your letter an untidy look. By the way, the layout is also important for emails.
    4. Remove unnecessary gaps, align the text width, divide the letter into logical paragraphs.So it will look completely different.

    The structure of the official letter

    Any letter consists of four parts:

    • Appeal, the form of which depends on the recipient. If this is an official letter, then it includes the name of the patronymic or the name and surname, and sometimes all three components. Be sure to write it down from the new line and select the address with a comma, period or exclamation point. If thisLetterAppeal to any authority, appeal is made in the form of a "cap" in the upper right corner indicating the organization and the responsible person.
    • The presentation of the text usually starts with a new line. Do not forget about the correct and logical presentation, break the letter into paragraphs. So it will be easier to perceive.
    • Conclusion and signature - written with a red line in the lower right corner. In this part, you express your attitude towards the recipient (“with respect,” “with love”, “whole”) or leave a wish (“All the best”, “with best wishes”).
    • The date is better to make out in the format "number-name of the month-year." Indeed, in different countries, the numeric type of date is somewhat different. The date is placed in the lower right corner.

    Friendly letter structure

    With a friendly, love or kindred, everything is a little easier. There are no clear rules, refer to the person as you used to do in everyday life.LetterSuch letters are issued in any form, that is, you choose for yourself where to write the appeal, date and signature.

    Colorful design of the letter

    Handwriting is a very intimate thing. Whether you like it or not, it bears the imprint of your individuality, and having beautifully designed it, you can tell more about your feelings, share a piece of your world with a person. Who in this age of information technology needs such letters? First of all, they will delight your loved ones. Having received the letter, you always feel the presence of this person. And fans of traditional correspondence, have long created many thematic sites where you can get acquainted with the guys from all over the world and enter into fascinating correspondence with them.

    There are a lot of ways to make your letter beautiful.

    1. The simplest is the use of colored markers or pens.Letterto select fragments of tex.
    2. You can decorate the letter with various stickers, magazine clippings or draw a small picture.
    3. Buy curly scissors in the nearest office supply store and cut the edges of the letter.A similar effect can be achieved by creating beautiful frames. The letter will have a more complete look.
    4. Drain a flower or a leaf and stick it to the letter, because it is incredibly touching to get a piece of your world.
    5. And if you make a letter with vanilla, cinnamon, star anise or coffee beans, reading it will be even more enjoyable.
    6. A letter for a loved one can slightly moisten your favorite perfume. The recipient will be able to physically sense your presence.

    All tips can be applied to the design of the printed text, if you for some reason do not want to write it by hand.

    Now you know how to make a letter so that it looks neat, readable and aesthetic. If you can not meet with a person or want to leave him a message, write letters. It takes more time than social networking, but also causes more emotion.

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