• How to make plants in Minecraft?

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    How to make plants in Minecraft?

    To build a factory you will need the following mods:

    • IndustrialCraft;
    • BuildCraft;
    • RedPower.

    Plants can produce almost any resources that exist in the game: diamonds, iron, matter, oil, biofuels, etc. Accordingly, there is a huge number of varieties of plants, and in each case requires its own specific approach.

    Instructions for creating a plant

    In order to make plants in Minecraft (for example, diamond plants), create a quarry of any size, connect the Diamond Pipe or Logistic Pipe to it and set the filtering settings:

    • useful resources (diamond, iron, gold);
    • conventional resources / fuel (coal);
    • second echelon (cobblestones);
    • waste (dirt, gravel, sand);
    • sand.

    Next, follow these steps:

    1. Take out the waste to the garbage can.
    2. Connect the coal to your stove in order to be able to boil or melt substances such as iron, gold or sand.
    3. Connect the pipe with iron and gold each to its own furnace. After melting, bring the pipes to the boxes for iron and gold; send the emeralds and diamonds to your boxes unmelted.
    4. After half of the useful resources and cobblestones go to the automatic crafting table, you can make various items from them. The other half is recommended not to use and hold in the house.
    5. Move items from the auto-workbench into a large box.
    6. Turn on the engines to power the machine.
    7. Make more large tool boxes.
    8. Use wooden sticks and boards. Half of the boards and sticks can be turned into tables using an auto-bench. From the remaining boards, make a few more sticks for making wooden tools.

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