• How to make salads?

    Salads are a very large group of culinary dishes. They are very versatile, as salads can be either a complement to the main dish or full-fledged independent dishes.

    It should be noted that there are general recommendations on how to properly make a salad:

    1. Before cutting all the ingredients of the salad need high-quality processing.
    2. To create a uniform flavor palette, all ingredients must be cut into equal pieces.
    3. Do not mix salads with metal appliances. Give preference to wooden or plastic products, as in contact with metal, vegetable and lemon juices react with it chemically, which leads to the formation of toxic substances and gives the salad a metallic aftertaste.
    4. Stir the salad with gentle bottom-up motions. So you keep its structure.
    5. Cut vegetables should not be left in the water, it will give them wateriness and many useful substances will go into the water. Better wet the napkin with water, cover it with vegetables and put them in the fridge.
    6. Cooked vegetables, with the exception of cauliflower, do not leave in the broth, as they lose nutrients.
    7. It is not necessary to combine hot and cold products (if the sharing is not specified in the recipe), it can lead to rapid fading.
    8. Vegetables very easily lose nutrients when cutting. If you want your salad to be as healthy as possible, cut fresh vegetables and fruits 10-15 minutes before eating the dish.
    9. If you want to give an extraordinary flavor to your favorite salad, add a variety of sauces, dressings and salad dressings.
    10. For the preparation of salads, use dishes made of glass or plastic.

    If you want to make delicious and healthy salads at the same time, always remember these recommendations.

    Having studied all the main points of cooking salads, you can begin to implement their ideas. The following are recipes to help you make delicious salads.

    Fish salad "Cancer neck"


    • 1 medium bunch of dill;
    • 1 large carrot;
    • 1 kg of pollock or cod;
    • 50 g of dill seeds;
    • Mayonnaise.


    1. To this salad had time to soak, you need to cook it a day before use.
    2. Cook the carrot (do not forget to cool) and rub it on a fine grater.
    3. Boil the fish in salted water. In order to add a piquant flavor to it, you can dip the fennel seeds wrapped in gauze into the water during cooking.
    4. Separate the fillet from the bone and grind with a fork. At the same time remove small bones. Cut the dill very finely.
    5. Mix all the ingredients and fill with mayonnaise.

    Salad with shrimp


    • Beijing cabbage - 200 g,
    • Chicken Breast - 300 g,
    • Shrimp - 300 g,
    • Cheese - 150 g,
    • Bulgarian pepper - 1 pc,
    • Rusks - 1 pack (150 g),
    • Mayonnaise - 150 g,
    • Salt, black pepper to taste.


    1. Cook the chicken breast until ready (about 30 minutes).
    2. Cook and peel the shrimp. We cut the cheese into small squares.
    3. Chop the Bulgarian pepper and Peking cabbage.
    4. We combine all the ingredients. We fill with salt, pepper and mayonnaise immediately before use, and mix everything thoroughly.

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