• How to make snowballs?

    August 18, 2014
    How to make snowballs?

    Playing snowballs is a great way to have fun with family or friends. But in order to throw snowballs as fun as possible, it will be useful to learn a few tricks:

    • First of all, the most favorable time for playing snowballs is a sunny winter day, when the thermometer shows from -3 to +4 degrees. It is best to play after dinner so that the sun has time to warm the snow.
    • It is important to choose the right place so that your hand is not very wet enough, but not too loose snow for your shells. Good places for these purposes are close to roads, houses, heating lines, etc.
    • If there is a severe frost outside, and you cannot wait to fire at each other with snow shells, then you can resort to using one device - the snow-glitter. This thing resembles spoons fastened together for overlaying ice cream. Having once tried the snowball, you will learn how to make perfect snowballs even at low temperatures and light snow.
    • When you proceed directly to making snowballs, try not to take snow from the upper layer, where the ice crust formed, but a little deeper. Having accumulated enough snow, start making a snowball with both hands. With each press, it will become all denser.
    • Ideally, the diameter of one snowball should be from 10 to 15 centimeters. But it should be noted that the size of the shells largely depends on the size of the palms and the experience of the player.
    • Having prepared a snowball, you can throw it at the enemy. It is very important to remember that throwing snowballs is still a game. Therefore, you should not be too hard on your opponents. In particular, avoid throwing large and dense snowballs at young children and the elderly. And the safest for kids is to play at home with artificial snow.

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