• How to make the brain?

    If you don’t like a person for some reason, then instead of starting to sort things out or go into open conflict, it’s better to carry the brain out to a person. And he will deliver you from his society. Especially well it is possible to do the fair sex, but men, if desired, will not give themselves to be offended.

    If you are a patient person, you do not know how to handle the brain. In fact, in this process there is nothing difficult. The main thing - to be persistent in achieving the goal. It is important to know not only ways to remove the brain, but also under what circumstances it is best to do it, to correctly guess time.

    The best time for the removal of the brain

    The best ways to remove the brain are when a person is relaxed. This applies to both men and women. Therefore, it is better to make the brain after a dense meal or after the object came home after work. Another good option is when a person just woke up or, on the contrary, came after a noisy party. Since the person is either well rested or intends to do this, he will quickly respond to your provocation.

    How to take out the brain guy

    There is an opinion that the representatives of the fair sex have the ability to expose the brain to a guy at the genetic level. And therefore it does not require much effort. In fact, there are several recommendations, following which, a girl can take out the brain to any guy.

    Talky girl, few people like it. And guys are no exception. It is one thing to enjoy the speeches of a beloved woman, and another thing is when you want to relax, and she all chirps, chirps. You can ask any stupid questions without end: "Do you love me?", "Do you appreciate me?" And the like. Such pressure will bother in a couple of days.

    Often, a woman makes a brain to a man in a simple way: for each of his compliments he answers that he is insincere, that he does not love her and the like. Also constantly need to itch that the established relationship does not suit you. You can wake a man in the middle of the night and ask him to do something. You can also talk about all the familiar guys, be sure to compare them, and emphasize that he is very far from these men.

    Who is the main competitor of women? Of course, the car. Often men treat her better than a woman.And any representative of the stronger sex will infuriate encroachment on his property. If he just washed the car, accidentally stain it, leave a stain on the seat and the like.

    When a girl takes out a guy's brain, it is perceived as normal and as part of the nature of the weaker sex. But men can do it too.

    How to make a girl's brain

    In order to take out the brain to the girl, men have three ways: with the help of physical strength, their behavior and verbally. Depending on the nature of the woman you need to choose your method, how to make the brain.

    So, how to make a girl's brain with the help of words. For this we must learn to say bad things. And the usual insults will not help here, as they will only cause offense. And you need to take out the brain. Therefore, it is necessary to learn to sincerely give compliments that will wake up all her phobias and complexes. For example, say that despite the fact that she has small breasts, it is still pleasant for you to touch her. Or gently notice that she has become a fluffy bunny and she needs to be depilated. But in any case, do not develop a conflict, let the girl get angry alone.

    Often a man makes a girl’s brain through his behavior.There is nothing complicated about it. You just need to behave like a cattle: slurp, talk loudly, swear, fall apart in a chair and so on. Your task is to destroy all ideas of yourself as a beautiful prince, destroy all her hopes.

    But the method of physical influence through the removal of the brain is better not to use. But he remains the most radical option for girls who do not understand words.

    How to make the brain around

    Remember the famous children's game "Buy an elephant." The essence is simple: you just need to go to the person and say "Buy an elephant." A normal person, of course, will begin to excuse himself, but you do not fall behind: "Everyone says (here you need to repeat the reason why a person refused to buy an elephant), and you buy an elephant!". And so every time. This innocent game you just endure the brain to any person sooner or later.

    The brain can also be brought out by promising to do something and not fulfilling its promises. For example, they called you to a meeting. You agreed, they are waiting for you at the appointed place at a specific time. You do not come, and after a while they call you and ask where you are. You can answer: “Oh, and I completely forgot.Played here in a toy one cool "; “I overslept”, etc. This act shows disrespect and can bring the brain to some people.

    Any repetitive trifle can still take out the brain. For example, you live with someone and he does not like some of your everyday habits. Suppose he says: “Stop scattering slippers in the middle of the corridor,” you: “Good, good!”, But you still do it anyway. Such seemingly repetitive annoying little things can ruffle many.

    There are many ways to bring the brain around people. You can be a strict bore, constantly correcting everyone, giving long lectures, teaching everyone around, constantly telling about the need to live correctly, interrupt the interlocutor regularly. Sooner or later everyone will get tired of it, and they will start to avoid you.

    The highest degree of pilotage can be called the removal of the brain of opponents and the subsequent provocation of people with the aim of desecrating them. For this you need to be able to stir up disputes and conflicts, but remain uncomplicated yourself. It will take time to develop this skill, but the result is worth it.

    You can talk about slippery provocative topics that will not leave anyone indifferent. It is at this point that the conflict can begin to rekindle. In the heat of the moment, people can switch to other topics.

    Before you start to make someone brain, think about what you want to achieve. Perhaps you should not strain yourself? In any case, even if you take this step, well calculate the consequences. Not everyone can normally and calmly accept your attempts to take out the brain, so prepare in advance the ways to retreat in case of failure.

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