• How to make the car interior

    You will need
    • - Pattern;
    • - tracing paper;
    • - drawing accessories;
    • - set of tools;
    • - materials for plating;
    • - needles and threads;
    • - glue;
    • - a computer;
    • - vinyl film;
    • - building hair dryer;
    • - soldering iron;
    • - New LEDs.
    Try to clearly depict on paper what you want to do with your salon. Make sketches or sketches. For this you can also use various computer programs.
    Visit the forums dedicated to your car model. There you can see the various interior design options that have been made by other owners.
    Choose the materials that you will use in the manufacture of a new salon. It is best to use special coatings that are designed for use in the car. When choosing colors, practicality must be taken into account, since too light colors will get dirty very quickly and lose their chic look.
    Start with a torpedo. Remove it and remove it from the passenger compartment.Disconnect all parts, plugs and covers. Tighten the individual protruding parts with a vinyl film. By texture, it is no different from these materials, and at times they are superior in wear resistance.
    Thoroughly wash and degrease the entire surface of the torpedo before applying the film. Remove the protective layer from the back of the film. Start gently sticking it, evenly heating over the entire surface. Carefully smooth out the plastic spatula to remove any bumps and irregularities.
    Make a pattern for a torpedo. Make a piece and try it on. If the workpiece sits well on the torpedo, without forming any folds, pull it onto the panel and sew. After that, remove the basting stitch.
    Make patterns for all seats and side skins. According to the same scheme, you must sew them. If desired, you can also alter the ceiling. In this case, you should leave a rigid substrate, only drag it with a new material.
    Replace the standard interior lighting with an alternative. It is best to use LEDs, as they are much more durable, more economical and cheaper. Unlike standard lamps, LEDs do not heat up.

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