• How to make your videos?

    Modern technology gives us the opportunity to capture the moments of life with a single click of a button. Video recording is a great feature that allows you to save the most emotional and vibrant events. However, in order for the final result to be as spectacular and concise as possible, it is worth resorting to the practice of mounting the footage. Making a video is easy, but first consider several important aspects.

    How to make your video: technology

    Simple videos for friends and family archive, you can easily shoot on the phone. If you want to get a better video image, then Canon, Sony and Blackmagic Pocket Camera (BMPC) cameras can do it. At present, the BMPC costs only $ 500 (previously such a camera cost 1000). At the same time, the camera has a wide dynamic range and shoots in RAW format.

    A rig can be very useful to you - a kind of tripod for image stabilization. For cameras, you can hire a rig, and for the phone you can make it yourself using the available materials. To create the right lighting is to use small portable lights, which are called LEDs.They work on batteries and can help you a lot in setting up the light, as they can be easily combined with each other, adjust the power of the light and move in space.

    How to make your videos: installation

    It is very important to determine in advance the degree of complexity of installation. You can edit a video from a family holiday, a reportage from a trip or your own music video. Depending on the complexity, it is worth choosing a program for mounting. For simple family reels, iMovie is fine. You can download it. This simple program contains ready-made solutions for most tasks: insert titles, add effects, or even make your own soundtrack. The program is very simple, even a beginner can handle it. If you are an Apple user, then the program comes as standard when installed. There is also an analogue -.

    If your footage requires more serious processing, you should use Final Cut or Adobe Premiere. These programs are more difficult to use, but here you have complete freedom of action. You yourself can determine all the installation parameters, down to the smallest detail. You can download both programs using torrent.Look for the activation key in the program folder. You will be asked to disconnect from the Internet and replace one file with another - this will help you use the program for an unlimited amount of time. If you have any questions - feel free to drive in a question on youtube. Millions of videos, which tells in detail and clearly demonstrates how to perform installation tasks of any complexity, are waiting for you.

    Your finished videos can be uploaded to video resources on the Internet, so that in case of problems with the computer, you can always download your video again. After uploading the video to the portal, you can also easily share it with your friends by sending them a link. You can use youtube, vk, vimeo and rutube.

    Create your own videos, edit and share them with others! Today, almost everyone can feel like a director and feel the joy of creating exciting videos.

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