• How to meet a girl?

    Alena Mikhailova
    Alena Mikhailova
    November 26, 2014
    How to meet a girl?

    Guys need courage when meeting with the fair sex. After all, all young people have a fear of rejection. However, you need to overcome it and begin to act. Below you can learn how to properly meet a girl.

    Meet the girl you like

    You should not ask the girl such trivial questions as “Would you like to meet?”, “Girl, but let's get to know you?” And others. Indeed, in most cases you will be refused. Instead, go to the lady, say hello and say that you would like to treat her with ice cream or invite her to the cinema. You can also make her a compliment. Through this approach, you will receive a lot less bounce, in addition, the lady will consider you a good companion and courteous gentleman.

    You can also use a lighter approach, for example, ask the girl how to get to this or that building. Surely she will show you, then thank her and make a compliment.After that, you can find out her name and ask to spend it.

    Extraordinary approach

    So that the girl did not give you a refusal and you could get to know her, you can use an extraordinary approach. For example, you can approach the lady you like with the question whether she will not have a rope. Of course, she will say no, and you in response should express her regret and say that you would like to associate your life with her. You will look in her eyes as a real gentleman, cheer up the girl, and at the same time show your originality and wit. But such a guy is worth its weight in gold, so you can invite her for a walk or walk to the house.

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