• How to mount the plinth

    You will need
    • - measuring device;
    • - face saw;
    • - pencil;
    • - plastic plinth;
    • - a hammer;
    • - screwdriver;
    • - drill with diamond drills;
    • - a vacuum cleaner.
    Measure out the size of the room. Then attach the existing plinth and mark the desired length with a pencil.
    Using the saw, cut the baseboard. This tool allows you to run down at any desired angle. Moreover, subject to the use of a face saw, the joints betweenbaseboardsThe mi are dense and beautiful. The plinth should fit together at a 45-degree angle.
    Drill holes in the walls with a drill, which should be spaced 45 cm apart, and the diameter and depth of these holes depend on the type of fasteners used during installationbaseboards. Remove dust from the holes using a vacuum cleaner.
    Drive dowels into the drilled holes (to do this you will need a hammer). Wrap the screw with a screwdriver, thereby fixing the mounting bar.
    Get the leg on the insidebaseboards�In the groove, where the mounting plate is attached (first, get the baseboard on one side, and then, gently pressing it, fasten it along the entire length).
    Install all the corner and face elements.
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    Measure the plinth several times before cutting it off, because, by shaking it in pieces, you can spoil the design.
    Helpful advice
    When choosing a place for fixing the plinth, pay attention to the unevenness of the floors and walls, which is very common. Mount the baseboard should be in those places where it can be pressed, that is, in the "grooves". To solve the irregularities of the floor and wall surfaces can be in different ways. For example, if a wooden plinth is attached, then its lower part can be slightly trimmed using a plane for this. In case installation of a plastic plinth is carried out, then it is possible to solve a problem of uneven walls by means of sealant. That is, the gap formed between the baseboard and the wall is filled with silicone sealant, level it, allow to dry, and later dyed in the same color as the baseboard.
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