• How to name a class?

    Igor Frolov
    Igor Frolov
    March 25, 2015
    How to name a class?

    Each school hosts a variety of entertainment, educational and sports competitions between students. Such games are designed to promote the development of team spirit in children, give additional motivation to learn, help children to realize themselves through the game and socially adapt to the team. In such games, each class must have its own name.

    This article gives a few tips on how to name the class and which motto can be chosen for this name. Much in the choice of name depends on the age of the children.

    For primary classes

    If you need to come up with a name for any of the primary classes, it is better to choose something neutral related to animals, plants, famous characters of children's fairy tales, etc.

    • ladybugs

    We are the ladybugs, but we are not fatties,

    We are the coolest, we do not know the melancholy.

    • Fireflies

    Shine always shine everywhere

    And help friends in trouble.

    • Hurricane

    To victory, we will fly forward,

    Our "Hurricane" is unbeatable!

    For middle classes

    In high school, children are usually already able to come up with a name for their class. At the same time, they take the choice of a name more seriously and demandingly. At this age, children will most of all like the names associated with popular cartoon or movie characters or carrying a humorous element.

    • Grandfather Mazai and Hares

    Himself die, and help out a friend!

    • Musketeers

    Our friendship is most important:

    We have one for all and all for one!

    • Wait for it!

    If another class is ahead,

    We will tell him: well, wait!

    • Terminator

    My head is iron, fittings are useless!

    • Timon and Pumba

    Akuna Matata is our motto, it means always have fun!

    • Comet

    Our class has a motto:

    "Never fall down"!

    For high school

    Although among high school students, various team activities are rarely held, they are usually happy about the possibility of diverting for a while from preparing for serious exams and from endless trips to tutors. High school students, too, tend to use humorous names for their teams. In particular, they very often resort to abbreviations.

    • Botany

    Split the fate of "Titanic" rival team "Botanica."

    Just do it!

    • Mozarts

    Who is not with us is Salieri!

    • Google

    Life is a search.

    • Camelot

    Let's leave our mark on history.

    Speed, drive and sharpness

    There is a class GTA.

    • Socrates

    Do not be ashamed not to know, ashamed not to learn.

    You can also refer to Latin. Many popular expressions or proverbs from a dead language can become slogans for the upper classes, since they carry deep wisdom. For example, "Per aspera ad astra" or "Citius, altius, fortius!" - "Through thorns to the stars" or "Faster, higher, stronger!" respectively.

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