• How to name an organization?

    The first acquaintance with the services or products that the organization produces, begins with its name. Often this word or phrase is the main component of the brand. Therefore, it must be speaking, recognizable, to cause the required associations, easy to pronounce and write, beautiful and euphonic in the languages ​​of all nations where goods are sold. Therefore, the matter of choosing the name is very difficult, you must know how to call an organization. It should be noted that this is not about an individual enterprise, it legally has in the title the name of the owner. But a legal entity or non-profit organization must have a full name.

    Simplicity in the name

    When you decide how to name an organization, remember that the name should be simple and straightforward. For example, this is the name of the main product that you produce - “German pastries”, “Good windows”, “Overalls”, “1000 and one round”, “Vegetables all year round”, etc. If the name is difficult,then it doesn’t orient your potential buyer to come to you to make a purchase. But this is the main goal of any business - to sell their goods. Why should a buyer go to you if he reads the name of the organization - “Felicita”, “Consulting City”, “Gutta-Lankina”, etc. But there are a lot of such names! Think hard before you call the organization such incomprehensible words to the average buyer.

    Abbreviated names, abbreviations

    In the name of the organization, you can use abbreviations or make up the name of the parts of two words. But such derivatives must be understood by customers. Thinking how to call a building organization, for example, you can use a two-word composition - Stroy-met. It is clear that metal structures are being made here. Often on this principle is called dentistry - "Light-Dent", "Mega-Dent". This is also clear and familiar to the consumer. Such abbreviations as scientific research institutes, BTI, ZHKO, MU are also understandable. But "SORIBU" absolutely nothing will not tell the unenlightened person. The name ZHMKB MU CHO "City" will never give an idea what this is in the city ZMK ... and so on.But I don’t really want to go there and order a paid service (this turns out to be a utility organization).

    Emotions in the title

    If the founders decide what to call a public organization, then very emotional, beautiful, even sublime words often come to mind, which then will have the same effect on the residents of the settlement where the organization will work. In this case, the decision will be absolutely correct. The public organization “Earth is our home,” it is immediately clear that it is dealing with environmental issues, and actively encourages everyone to join the social movement. “No to drugs!”, “Road to home”, “Helping hand”, “There are no abandoned children” - all these names are very good for social movements. The only thing there is a minus in such names, they are often made too long, which are difficult to pronounce then, for example, “Save the population of forest falcons”. The call is excellent, but colloquially, such a name is very inconvenient.

    Additional requirements

    If you are still deciding how to properly name the organization, then follow all the principles outlined above.Focus on all age groups of consumers, on all the national features of the languages ​​of those people who use your product, on the accuracy and capacity of the word-name.

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