• How to number lines in Excel?

    Julia Chmykhalo
    Julia Chmykhalo
    December 19, 2014
    How to number lines in Excel?

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    How to number lines in Excel?

    The process of numbering lines in Microsoft Excel is slightly different from a similar action in programs such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. There is no button here that allows you to assign sequence numbers to items in a specific list. But this problem is still solved, and in several ways.

    How in Eksele to number lines as fast as possible?

    There are two ways to number lines in Excel: using the built-in function “LINE” or by filling in a column with a sequence of numbers. Each of the options allows you to quickly enter and update the position numbers of the elements in the list.

    Line numbering in Excel using the “STRING” function:

    • Position the cursor against the first cell of the future list (in the nextline numberingcolumn);
    • Enter "= LINE (A1)", where the designation "A1" is the number of the current cell horizontally and vertically;
    • Now click on the small black square in the lower right part of the active cell with the left mouse button and, without releasing it, drag the cursor,highlighting the entire range in which the numbering should be made;
    • All selected fields will be numbered.

    Numbering lines in Excel using a sequence of numbers:

    • Position the cursor in the first cell of the range to be numbered;
    • Put the number from which you want to start the list, for example, 1;
    • Press "Enter" and in the next cell put the following list number, for example, 2;
    • Select these two cells and drag down the lower right corner of the selection area to the end of the entire range.

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