• How to open a company IP in 2018

    You will need
    • - passport;
    • - TIN certificate;
    • - Contact details.
    Collect all the necessary documents, there are: a copy of all sheets of the passport and the original, TIN certificate (if you have one), contact details (home phone, mobile, email, etc.). Copies of sheets of the passport sew and number. At the place of binding, attach a small paper on which write the number of sheets; specify the date; Sign it.
    Decide on the type of economic activity. Formulate the name, according to the OKVED reference book. There may be several codes. Also select the tax mode.
    Fill out an application for state registration of an individual as an entrepreneur, which has a unified form No. Р2001. You can take the form of this document in any tax inspection, or download it on the Internet. Fill in only the boxes that apply to you. Corrections in the application are not allowed, so take several forms at once.
    Refer to any notary in whose presence you must sign the above statement. He must confirm its authenticity by stamping and signing and registering the document in the act.
    Contact any branch of the Savings Bank to pay the state fee for the registration of an individual entrepreneur, the amount of which you will be told at the checkout. Before this, find out the details of the tax in which you will be registered (CSC, TIN, CAT).
    With all the above documents go to the tax office, which is located in the area in which you are registered. The tax inspector must accept a package of documents, giving you a receipt. After five working days, come back to the tax office to get a certificate of registration and an extract from EGRIP.

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