• How to open a pawnshop?

    Get a loan or a loan in a pawnshop simply and quickly enough. This explains the rapid growth of pawnshops, which is particularly pronounced during the years of economic crisis. Thus, investing in a pawnshop, allows the investor to get a profitable and stable business. Naturally, many private investors are wondering how to open a pawnshop, what documents are required for this, where to turn.

    Before you begin to open a pawnshop, you must carefully assess your financial situation. After that, think up the name of your future micro-credit organization. In accordance with all the requirements of the law, the name must include the word "pawnshop".

    Thinking about how to open a pawnshop, you should decide on the choice of the organizational and legal form of the future organization, which may be in the form of a limited liability company (LLC) or a joint stock company of an open or closed type (OAO, CJSC). It is best if the legal form of a pawnshop is a limited liability company.After all, at the opening of a joint stock company, it is necessary to issue shares, conduct their registration and submit a report on this to the Federal Service. According to the law, only one month is allotted for this whole process.

    How to open a pawnshop: limited liability company

    Lombard, having the form of a limited liability company, is a legal entity. Therefore, to open a pawnshop, it is necessary to prepare the necessary documents and register them with the relevant government agencies, as well as to contact the tax office to select the most appropriate tax regime.

    For registration provided

    • Application for registration, which must be written in full compliance with the requirements of the law;
    • Protocol or agreement on the establishment of a legal entity;
    • Charter (constituent documents);
    • Receipt of payment of state duty.

    In addition to the documents necessary for registering a future pawnshop, it is necessary to develop documents governing the procedure for its future work. These include: job descriptions of employees, internal work regulations,standard employment contracts, as well as other documents necessary for the pawnshop to exercise its main function - issuing secured movable property for a short period of money.

    The financial activities of pawnshops are regulated by the federal law “On Countering the Legalization (Laundering) of Proceeds from Crime and the Financing of Terrorism”. This law requires that for the opening of a pawnshop it is necessary to submit for approval the rules of internal control of its activities, as well as a list of measures developed for their implementation.

    After completion of the registration procedure, open an account in the bank and produce a seal. In addition, it is necessary to purchase cash register equipment and register it with the tax inspectorate.

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