• How to open category A?

    The ability to drive a vehicle does not give the right to drive. You get this right only by passing the exams and receiving a driver's license with the appropriate open category. Moreover, if, for example, you have only one category B or C open, you cannot drive a motorcycle. For the right to drive a motorcycle, you must also open category A.

    Let's see how to open category A, if you do not have a driver's license at all or if there is an open category B or C.

    If you do not have a driver's license

    To get the right to drive a motorcycle, you must, first, reach the age of 18, and second, take a course in a driving school. Self-training is currently banned. You can study more independently (theoretically!), But you will not be allowed to pass exams without a certificate of graduation from a driving school.

    Training conditions, its cost and a list of necessary documents and payments will be reported to you when you enroll in a driving school.These include, for example, the payment of state duty for a driver's license. After graduation and obtaining a certificate of completion of driving school you will have to pass a theoretical and practical exam.

    The theoretical exam is held on, which coincide with the tickets for category B. Only after successfully passing the theoretical exam you will be allowed to the practical exam at the circuit.

    The practical exam includes three mandatory exercises, each of which consists of several elements:

    • overall corridor and semicircle, then an element called “acceleration-braking”;
    • snake - rut and the final element - control at low speed;
    • dimensional eight.

    Having passed the exams, you will receive a driver's license with an open category A, after which you will have the right to drive a motorcycle.

    If you have a driver's license

    In this case, you do not need to re-study in a driving school and undergo a medical commission. But to take the exam, both practical and theoretical, is necessary in any case. Both exams coincide with those that need to pass when you first get a driver's license.An exception is made only for those who have passed the theory in the past three months, because the exam results are saved only during this period.

    When training in a driving school, the organization of examinations and obtaining a driver's license, as a rule, is assumed by representatives of this school. If you already have the right to open categories, then to open an additional category, you need to contact the traffic police yourself. For this you need:

    1. Apply on a form issued by the traffic police.
    2. Provide u and its copy.
    3. Provide a passport.
    4. Provide an existing driver's license with an open category.

    After successfully passing the exams, you will receive a new driver's license with an additional open category A.

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