• How to organize production?

    Not every able-bodied person in our country comes to the idea of ​​organizing their own production. At the same time, it is the own production that can provide a person with the desired freedom from the employer and allow him to do what he likes.

    "Pitfalls" of its own production

    Why does such a small percentage of entrepreneurs decide to start production? There are several answers to this question:

    • One of the reasons for low productivity among private entrepreneurs is the laborious and lengthy registration of their own production;
    • In addition to bureaucratic difficulties, small producers are hampered by competition. It is extremely difficult for a small producer to reach the audience when the counters are filled with goods of well-known world brands.

    This is not all the reasons, because of what businessmen do not dare to organize production. But in fairness it should be noted that there are cases when small entrepreneurs decide to start their own production, in spite of everything.And for this reason it is worth considering exactly how the production should be organized.

    Stages of production organization

    1. The most important thing in the process of setting up production is to choose the right direction of activity. Choosing what you do, it is worth understanding what products will be in demand in the market.
    2. Once you have decided on the type of activity, perhaps even supported your decision with the results of marketing research, you can start writing a business plan.
    3. Now go directly to the issues of financing. The basis of production can be your own savings, a bank loan, the share of depositors, etc.
    4. When the treasured amount is in your hands, you can proceed to register your future business with government agencies and institutions.
    5. Further concrete actions on the organization of production begin. It is more expedient to begin with the search for premises. It is important to understand that the requirements for premises for various kinds of production will be different. And you need to think everything in advance. It is necessary to take into account not only the area of ​​the territory, but also the possibility of carrying out all communications, organizing, if necessary, an additional fire exit, ensuring compliance of the room with sanitary control standards, etc.On the site you can find specific regulatory documents relating to production in various fields. You will need to get approval from a number of government agencies before you can proceed directly to production.
    6. The next very important stage is the purchase of equipment. From it will depend on the performance of your enterprise. You can buy new equipment or choose the one that has already been used, if it does not harm the production process. There are special resources in the network where people sell and buy production equipment, for example: or, etc.
    7. When there is a production site and all the necessary equipment, you can start recruiting. Labor can be cheap and low-skilled (for example, students, migrant workers) or expensive and highly-skilled (university graduates, specialists, etc.). The choice will depend on the complexity of production and specific tasks.
    8. Now that you have your own production and the people who will work on it, you can start a business and wait for profits. It is only necessary to take into account that the production business is the most payable. Therefore, in order to come to a more or less stable income, you will have to be patient.

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