• How to paint eggs with husks?

    Catherine Ivanova
    Catherine Ivanova
    January 31, 2013
    How to paint eggs with husks?

    Easter is one of the most beloved holidays of all Christians. And the most important attribute of this church holiday are Easter eggs. There are many ways to paint and decorate eggs for Easter, but perhaps the most eco-friendly and common is onion peel coloring. How to paint eggs with husks correctly so that they are beautiful, they are pleasing to the eye and kept as long as possible?

    For this you need to think in advance about the onion peel. It will require a sufficient amount. The more husks there are, the richer and brighter the color of Easter eggs will be. Prepare a wide saucepan, fill it with water and put the husk there. Bring this mixture to a boil, then cool.

    Eggs for painting can be taken in any color. To begin with, wash them thoroughly, so that the surface is smooth, without specks. Carefully place the eggs in a pan with onion peel and boil the eggs in this solution. To prevent the eggs from bursting, you can add a couple of tablespoons of regular salt when cooking. For even coloring, it is better to turn the eggs several times during cooking.After 15-20 minutes, ready-made eggs should be removed from the fire and dipped to cool in cold water.

    To make the main symbol of the Easter holiday even brighter and more beautiful, there is a small secret - vegetable oil. Simply grease the finished eggs with a small amount of vegetable oil with a soft cloth. From this they will acquire brightness, brilliance and more saturated color. This attribute of the church holiday will surely please everyone!

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