• How to paint?

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    How to paint?

    Many people want to draw just like that, without having any special talent, and without even thinking about what drawing gives. And those who are already engaged in creativity, say that drawing brings positive emotions, helps to cope with stress, allows you to look at the world differently. This article will talk about how to paint.

    Many people want to draw, but do not even try to learn, because they think that it is very difficult. Of course, the process of how to learn to draw is quite long, and it is unlikely you will have a beautiful picture the first time, but this is creativity, and no one will customize you, but everyone can learn, as experts say.

    Stages: learn to paint


    Before you begin to learn to draw, you should form a goal, you should know that you want to learn to draw with paints, and with what colors you want to draw.

    Drawing materials

    In order to learn how to draw better to acquire quality materials, so you will not need to be distracted by correcting blemish because of poor-quality paint or canvas.However, you should not buy very expensive materials, you can purchase training kits.


    The variety of colors involves their use when drawing different motifs on different surfaces. Let us dwell on some types of paints:

    • Acrylic paints. These paints are universal, they can be painted on different surfaces, using both diluted paints (diluted with water) and undiluted. How to draw with acrylic paints is devoted to an entire article on our site - “How to paint with oil paints?”.
    • Oil paints. The advantages of these paints, along with the fact that they are brighter and juicier than acrylic, is that they can work longer than acrylic (they dry very quickly). And it gives you more room for creativity. However, these paints need to be diluted with special thinners, it is better to take those that do not possess a smell, especially if you are going to paint indoors. How to paint with oil paints is described in the article “How to paint with acrylic paints?”.

    Also on our site contains an article devoted to drawing with gouache - “How to draw with gouache?”.

    As for the number of colors, three primary colors are obligatory: yellow, red and blue, the rest are purchased at will.


    For a start, you can buy 3-4 brushes, get brushes of various thickness and shape. Large brushes are needed for applying the main pattern, and small for drawing details. Brushes can be natural and synthetic, if you want to learn how to paint with oil paints, it is better to buy brushes for oil from natural bristles.

    What to draw

    Of course, mostly artists prefer canvas, but this pleasure is not cheap. In general, you can draw on anything, even on glass, just choose paints that are suitable for your surface.


    You can even use an ordinary plate (glass, plastic) as a palette, although if you want, you can specially purchase it at an art store.

    Learning drawing techniques

    This includes:

    • development of skills to use objects necessary for drawing
    • color mixing technique
    • drawing various elements of the picture
    • composition selection
    • perspective image and so on

    The technique is determined by the type of paint and the surface on which you are painting.


    When the purpose of drawing is determined, there are all the materials and the technique has been worked out, we start drawing the desired picture.

    Tips: how to paint correctly

    • When drawing it is better to go from the general to the details, for this we first make a sketch, build a composition.
    • After the outline of the picture sketched, proceed to the elaboration of details. Moreover, every smallest detail should correspond to the idea of ​​the picture.
    • Completing the picture - it should be a holistic world. Everything in it must be interconnected. Amend if necessary.

    Now you know in general terms how the process looks when we paint.

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