• How to pass the state exam?

    The state exam is the last exam that must be passed within the walls of the university. That is why it is necessary to prepare for it thoroughly. But this does not mean at all that it’s necessary to sit at the books for a day. Preparing for the SES should not take a lot of free time. Let's look at how to pass the state exam successfully and the first time.

    First of all, set yourself up for the fact that you pass the exam the first time. Nobody wants to have “tails” in the most important exam for the entire period of study. In addition, it becomes a shame if your classmates have already finished with the exam, but you are not. In this case, any student begins to feel "at ease". That is why the preparation for the CRP cannot be postponed for “better times”.

    Preparing for the exam

    As they say, people who have already passed the state examination at the university, despite the fact that it is voluminous and, at first glance, very difficult, it is much easier to pass it than the rest of the exams. However, you should not hope for a “freebie”, it is best to focus on your own knowledge.

    Sitting down to prepare for the GOS, first of all, read the full list of questions. Read them carefully and try in your own words to formulate approximate answers to them. Even if, at first glance, you know absolutely nothing, having thought a little, you will remember most of the topics from the course and you will only need to systematize your knowledge. It is also worth remembering that our memory has one peculiarity: we always forget exactly what we knew best and passed away the first time. The discipline that made us think and spend a lot of time studying it remains in memory for a long time. It is with these questions that the preparation for state gos should begin. Find them in the lecture notes and read them again.

    Making cheat sheets

    A certain proportion of students come to the examinations thoroughly: they study tickets and do not write off, but there are only a handful of such diligent students. Every student likes to write off. There is an opinion that it is unrealistic to write off on the state exam. However, the overwhelming majority believes that if you were allowed to pass the state exam, and you are completely unsure of your own knowledge, then it is not the student who is to blame, but the teacher who allowed such poor knowledge in his own subject.

    If you made a firm decision to write off, then keep in mind that you can only write off from the cheat sheet on the state exam. A huge pile of textbooks as support to carry into the audience will not work, and one, of course, will not be enough. That is why the most reasonable solution would be to make cheat sheets.

    Try to write them yourself, without attracting third-party resources. If you have to write off from it, then you can easily navigate it, and even if you don’t have to, at least a little information has been deposited in your memory during manufacturing and you can easily use it. It is worth noting that in the process of rewriting information you have activated the "mechanical memory", even if you are not writing in a notebook, but typing on the keyboard.

    Internet cribs

    You should not rely on the state exam for Internet help, especially if you are a technical student. A well-trained teacher will have no difficulty in testing your knowledge with the help of additional questions. Also, if you are noticed being charged off the Internet, the punishment can be much more severe than if you write off handwritten spurs.Information from the Internet is not reliable knowledge that should be 100% trusted. It must always be remembered.

    No need to hope for good luck, because here it will help only a few. It is best to make his own crib. This will kill two birds with one stone: partially memorize the information and feel more confident on the exam, knowing that you have all the right answers in stock. Remember that passing state examinations is an expected process, the outcome of which directly depends on you. Count on yourself. Good luck!

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