• How to place ads on the Internet?

    August 31, 2014
    How to place ads on the Internet?

    As you know, advertising is the engine of commerce, and the worldwide network provides an opportunity to significantly expand the circle of people who learn about your offer. Try using the Internet by placing ads on special sites.

    How to advertise on special sites

    1. Enter the query "Bulletin boards" and the name of the region of interest in the browser's search box. You will receive a whole list of sites engaged in placing ads, both free and for a fee.
    2. Most sites require you to register when submitting an ad, this is especially important for paid resources; there, in addition to regular email contacts, you will be required to enter personal data, e-wallet numbers or bank details.
    3. After registration you will be offered a form that you will need to fill in with the text of your ad. How to create an attractive ad and what points to consider when placing it, read the article How to advertise.
    4. After filling in all the required fields in the forms for ads, you will activate the "Publish" button or other options that will allow you to upload a saved ad to the Internet.

    Below are the most popular, visited and reputable sites for free ads on the site version of Bravica:

    • - a site covering the entire territory of Russia, a month it is visited by several million users. For ease of navigation, there is a division into several dozen categories of goods;
    • - an international project that has now united the Russian Federation and about ten more countries. According to researchers, one ad is posted on the site every 5 seconds;
    • - Internet resource, which is also published on paper in the form of a newspaper of private ads. Contains hundreds of thousands of free ads, designed for a variety of customers.

    In addition to special sites, there are several other options that will give you the opportunity to place your ad without payment. For information on where else you can place ads, see the article How to give a free ad on the Internet.

    In order to reach a large audience of readers, it is better to place your offers on free sites and use the services of several paid resources.

    Paid Sites

    In the event that you prefer paid services, you will most likely have to deposit a certain amount to your account on the site.

    Here it is worth recalling that there are a large number of scam sites and one-day sites online that require a fee for the services provided and then disappear along with the money. Therefore, read the reviews online about your chosen resource and check the life of the domain assigned to it. Although the schemes of thefts in this narrow sphere are not too common, it will not hurt to be safe.

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