• How to plant peonies?

    Irina Vashchenko
    Irina Vashchenko
    January 29, 2013
    How to plant peonies?

    Beautiful peony bush - decoration of any garden, the pride of each grower. With all its aristocratic beauty, the peony is very unpretentious in care and undemanding to the conditions of growth. In order to have these charming plants bloom abundantly at your summer cottage, you just need to know and carefully follow a few simple rules how to plant peonies.

    How to plant peonies: the rules

    • Planting and replanting peonies is best at the end of summer, in August or September. Peonies are propagated by dividing the rhizomes of an adult, a three-year-old and older bush. The root is dug, cleaned from the ground and cut with a sharp garden knife into separate delenki with two - three buds on each.
    • A properly planted, healthy peony bush can grow and bloom in one place for up to twenty years. Therefore, the choice of a place for pions take responsibly. Do not plant peonies under the crowns of trees, near walls and bushes. Peonies have a well-developed root system and, as they grow, they will become close to their close proximity, and in dense shade they will simply refuse to bloom.
    • Choose a sheltered from the wind, not swampy, with light penumbra, better located on the east side of the house, a place. One to two weeks before planting, dig a hole half a meter wide and deep. If necessary, install claydite drainage at the bottom of the pit. Two-thirds fill it with a mixture of garden soil, sand, compost and fertilizer for flowers. Land in the pit should have time to settle before landing.
    • Place the delenka in the center of the well prepared in advance. Cover it with garden soil so that the soil layer over the flower buds does not exceed five centimeters. It is very important to control the depth of planting - peonies, planted too deep, do not bloom well, and sometimes do not form buds at all. After planting, do not forget to water your peony well.

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