• How to play Heroes 5?

    February 26, 2015
    How to play Heroes 5?

    The game Heroes of Might and Magic 5 is one of the most popular strategies on the territory of the Russian Federation. This article focuses on how to play Heroes 5 on the net.

    In this article we will discuss how to determine the version of the game to play with friends, and also consider how to play online through hamachi.

    How to play Heroes 5 online

    As we have already noted, first you need to decide on the version of the game (or the classic version). Please note that if the versions of the games are different, players will not be able to play on the network together.

    Now you need and install the program. Next, you need to make settings.

    To set up the program, you need to go to the "Network" menu and go to the "Network and Sharing Center".

    1. Press alt and select "Advanced Options." Next, select "Hamachi" and set the highest priority. Please note that you need to set Internet protocol version 4. Protocol version 6 should be disabled. Otherwise, errors may occur;
    2. now select "Change adapter settings". Check the box next to "Internet Protocol Version 4", click "Properties";
    3. The hamachi program has an ip address.And this address must be entered in the ip field in the "Properties"
    4. Click the "Advanced" button, and a window will appear in front of you that will contain the "Interface metric" field. Enter a value of 10. More information about the settings you can;
    5. now you just have to create a server. To do this, you need to go to the game itself and select "Network game" => "Local network" => "Create". Specify the server settings that suit you;
    6. Now you can invite your friends to the lobby. Enter your nicknames and start the game.

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