• How to please your girlfriend?

    They say that usually in a couple someone loves, and someone allows himself to love. Unfortunately, there are many examples around us confirming this statement. For example, some guys often meet girls exclusively “for the sake of sports interest,” and many girls start a relationship by calculation or with the aim of “waiting out” until a more suitable candidate appears. In this article we will discuss exactly those cases where the guy is eager for true love and serious relationship, and the girl does not have strong feelings towards him. Let's try to give advice to guys about how to please their girlfriend, how to earn her love and stop being a temporary convenient option for her.

    Learn to say no!

    Of course, when you are deeply in love, you want in every way to please your passion and give her pleasure in everything, often indulging in her momentary whims. However, your complete obedience and desire in all things to please her makes you, in the eyes of your girlfriend, just a tool for fulfilling her desires.Of course, if she loved you a lot, she would probably appreciate your efforts, but given that she doesn’t have much interest, you can say that you’ll get bored with her.

    In short, show pride and let her know that you will not fly to her on the wings of love at the first call, especially if this is far from mutual. Learn to deny her sometimes so that your girlfriend understands that you need to respond to the constant care and affectionate attitude with the same. She will appreciate your attention when she feels that you are not a reliable slave in your union.

    Give her a reason for jealousy

    No matter how paradoxical it may be, but often jealousy and a heightened sense of ownership induces a woman to love. Therefore, a guy who does not know how to please his girlfriend can be advised to give a little reason for jealousy. You can just flirt with a beautiful stranger at the club, and then start discussing it with your sweetheart. Naturally, she would not like it, to put it mildly. But do not rush to assure your girlfriend of love to the grave and repent: such tactics are often very effective and can wake genuine feelings for you in her.

    You can even tell her more often that her best friend has a wonderful figure / smile / hairstyle - at your discretion. Undoubtedly, your girl will be alarmed, because we begin to appreciate what we have, when there is a threat to lose it. Perhaps your beloved is just used to receiving unlimited love and loyalty for free, but in this situation, these treasures may be different! The fear of loss will make her rethink your relationship.

    Abstain from sex

    This item is to some extent annexed to the previous one. Your girlfriend is sure that you love and desire only her. Let it be so, but she does not need to know about it. Give up sex with her for a while: she will think that she has stopped attracting you, she will be more diligent in minding herself and looking after her appearance, therefore she will try to please you. Do not rush to give up quickly: the more effort she makes, the more expensive for her will be what she gets in the end - you!

    In addition, such behavior can settle in her heart of doubt that you have another one. And she definitely will not tolerate rivals.

    Be charming

    No matter how hard we try to appear indifferent to the opinions of others, yet the fact that our loved ones (and not only!) People think about our beloved is very important for us. And it is the girls who attach great importance to how their boyfriends treat their friends, whether their relatives approve of their choice, etc.

    Therefore, give your appearance and behavior more attention than you do in everyday life. Change your style, update your wardrobe: women respond quickly to well-groomed appearance. When your girlfriend notices that women are staring at you on the street, her friends cannot hide envy, and a work colleague has called you more often, she will start to look at you with different eyes.

    Be interesting

    Women do not tolerate a boring life, they constantly need new emotions and impressions. Diversify your life together, give her surprises and make unexpected offers. Romantic dinner, sex on the beach under the Moon, flowers for no reason, a trip to the mountains for the weekend - all this can arouse strong feelings in her.

    So if you think about how to please your girlfriend, never let her be bored. At the same time, always keep the intrigue: girls like mystery, it increases interest and gives an incentive to move on to new heights and achievements.And interest may soon develop into a high sense.

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